Friday, January 11, 2013

God of the Machine by Isable Paterson

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)

Thanks to the commenter "Jason" on Governmnent: An Ideal Concept for requesting an EPUB of this book.


Fix Notes:

Page 106: recurrent

In the long run, England was to make the most successful adjustment in the Old World, but not without a continuous struggle and recurrrent crises of violence, over five centuries.

Page 180: answers

Individual ownership anwers exactly to the conditions of physical phenomena.


  1. Hello, Tex2002ans

    Thank you for doing the world a service of converting pdf to epub and editing to create a beautiful final product.
    I was wondering if you can convert a pdf...i have been surfing the web and cannot find an epub version of H.L. Mencken's, Notes on Democracy.
    Here is the pdf

    1. Thank you for your thank you!

      I have posted the EPUB + cleaned PDF here:

      Usually the turnaround is not this quick, but this one was not much work:

      - The book was short and the font was large (~41k words)
      - The scan was very clean (making the OCR very accurate, saving me time in the initial proofreading step)

  2. The mediafire link is dead. Can you update? (Mega is working beautifully.)

    1. Reuploaded, thank you for letting me know it was dead.