Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru by Louis Baudin

Status: Updated (01.27.2014)
ISBN: 978-0442006006


Fix Notes:

Page 175 (153 actual)
The Peruvians also made use either of a raft composed of several tree trunks lashed togethed with ropes and pulled across the water by a cable or of a little reed boat

Page 340 (318 actual)
might well have been acquinted with this method of writing.

Page 370 (348 actual)
Footnote 16 is missing a ”

Page 436 (414 actual)
X is placed after Y in Bibliography

Page 441 (419 actual)
McBride is placed in the wrong place.

PDF Only:

Added Subchapter Bookmarks

EPUB Only:

Removed Notes Chapter, added them to the end of each chapter.
Moved the TOC before the Foreword

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace by Harry Elmer Barnes

Status: Quality Checked (02.19.2014)

Update (01.15.2013): Updated to v.8.
Update (02.19.2014): Did a new QC pass on my old EPUB.


Fix Notes:

Page 10: par. 3: course

The ultimate and indirect cost may, of couse, be a potent contribution to incalculable calamity.

Page 98: par. 1: committed

“If the Allied and Associated Governments want a victim let them take me instead of the nine hundred Germans who have commited no offence other than that of serving their country in the war.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Philosophy of Ownership By Robert LeFevre

Status: Completed
ISBN: 9781610160735

PDF: DEAD LINK (Please leave a comment if you are interested)

Fix Notes:

Page 68 (64 actual):
- can be the exclusive property of anyone. Words are abstractions in the form of symobls.
Page 76 (72 actual):
- remain under constant care and surveillance, during which parental responsiblity cannot be shrugged off.

PDF Only:

Removed page 92 (completely blank page at the end of the book).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten Thousand Commandments - A Story of The Antitrust Laws By Harold Fleming

Status: Completed
ISBN: 0-405-00420-6


Original PDF:

Fix Notes:

Page 41 (29 actual):
    - evil that a large buyer could secure a competetive advantage
Page 77 (65 actual):
    - “Prevention of all potential competion is the natural program for maintaining a monopoly here,
Page 125 (113 actual):
    - shoe manufacturers couldn’t sell direct throught their own stores, direct selling, such as “From Kalamazoo Direct to You,” would be illegal,
Page 157 (145 actual):
    - pinned on the small owner-capitalist of the ninteenth century.
Page 170 (158 actual):
    - And this is es-entially the question at stake now about big business:
Page 187 (175 actual):
    - had to travel back and forth the 1,600 miles from the head office in New York (or move to Dallas “for the duration).”


  • TOC moved before Preface
  • "Biblographical References" (Footnotes) Chapter was removed and they were added to the end of each chapter