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An Introduction To The Theory of Value By William Smart

Status: Fixed
ISBN: 9781610160438

Fixed EPUB:

Original PDF:
Original EPUB:

Fix Notes:

  • 4 ii changed to ΓΌ
  • 3 missing '.'
  • But if a few mouthfuls be sufficient to' make this want disappear for the moment, and if there be no probability of these mouthfuls ever being absent,
  • 2 accidental italic '('
  • 4 'o' changed to '0'
  • Anatomy of The State By Murray Rothbard

    Status: Fixed
    ISBN: 9781933550480
    Fixed EPUB:!PUByEbwD!egvDnR39Wq7WEl4l701jwQGvg-xvfwAX8ufL7eGkqeo

    Fix Notes:

  • [s] trategists insist that their
  • Fixed accidental italics in Footnote 33
  • Fixed spacing in the Index (E, L, U)
  • A History of Money And Banking In The United States By Murray Rothbard

    Status: Fixed
    ISBN: 9780945466338

    Fixed EPUB:!XdwWgJgL!T2lSi1fbGpb8wfdFrQvnCHHcv3N7uHv55wFNoqlqn9o

    Fix Notes:

  • 15 spacings fixed around '—'
  • 2 leftover '-'
  • fixed a wrong quotation
  • Fixed an accidental italic '('
  • Man, Economy, And State By Murray Rothbard

    Status: Second Pass (07.06.2013)
    ISBN: 978-1-933550-27-5

    Fixed EPUB:!jEoChaAD!R4dv9lupwS3kP6l21Lp0ummqHQlM8RIc19Jz6ZJGgqg


    Fix Notes:

  • 152 leftover '-'
  • 22 spacing issues
  • Extra 1 before Footnote in Chapter 1
  • added sub tag to "1/4"
  • Figure 32 Extra letters
  • Figure 36 "Rservation"
  • Figure 38 "Rgression" mispelled
  • Chapter 5 Production: Tthe Structure
  • Figure 47 "Iiterest"
  • Chapter 6 Footnote 5's second part was still in the text (missing in Footnote section)
  • Fixed a missing “ in Chapter 10
  • for the latter transfers saved funds from private to governmental hands rather than creates new funds
  • society for the last century and a half and more—the dread business cycle.
  • Thus, conservatives’ charges that the progressive tax
  • any of these positions may well be adopted without saying him nay.

  • Fix Notes (07.06.2013)

    Page 54: par. 0: the numerator in fraction "1/20" has a letter "l" instead of a "1"

    Similarly, a mill converting wheat into flour may have a useful life of 20 years, in which case we could say that l/20 of the mill was used up in each year's production of flour.

    Page 103: par. 3, near very bottom of page: "e" in price is not italic

    The price is the rate of exchange between two commodities expressed in terms of one of the commodities.

    Page 169: par. 3: en dash should be an em dash:

    In each case, different concrete considerations enter into the formation of the value scales–such as time preference in the case of credit exchanges; and this permits more to be said about the various specific types of exchanges.

    Page 550: first par. in section 8: "s" in "adds" is not italic

    In the real world there is an additional entrepreneurial (or “risk”) component, which adds to the interest rate in particularly risky ventures, and in accordance with the degree of risk.

    Page 600: Footnote 48: October "l" should be October "1", and the "e" in "idem" is not italic.

    [...] R.H. Coase, “Business Organization and the Accountant,” The Accountant, October l–November 26, 1938; and idem, “Full Costs, Cost Changes, and Prices” in Business Concentration and Price Policy, pp. 392–94; [...]

    Page 630: par. 0: the "s" in "sovereignty" is not italic.

    Rather than “consumers’ sovereignty,” it would be more accurate to state that in the free market there is sovereignty of the individual: the individual is sovereign over his own person and actions and over his own property.

    Page 793: Footnote 28: the "e" in "idem" is not italic.

    Irving Fisher, The Rate of Interest (New York, 1907), chap. v, xiv; idem, Purchasing Power of Money, pp. 56–59.

    Page 940: Footnote 54 carried over: "s" in "deficits" is not italic

    In contrast to the present method of national income accounting, Kuznets would have eliminated all government deficits from its “productive contribution.”

    Page 1049: par. 0: "e" in "the" is not italic

    The laissez-faire theorists (who are here joined by almost all other writers) attempt to redeem their position from this glaring contradiction by asserting that a purely free-market defense service could not exist and that therefore those who value highly a forcible defense against violence would have to fall back on the State (despite its black historical record as the great engine of invasive violence) as a necessary evil for the protection of person and property.

    Page 1178: par. 0: The "a" in "accumulated" is not italic.

    [...] is taxed on an income of 40 when his income was only 10. The final tax, therefore, largely becomes one on accumulated capital rather than on income.

    Page 1200: par. 1: "e" in "increase" is not italic.

    Any increase in the capital value of idle land, then, does not reflect a current rent; it merely reflects an upgrading of people's expectations about future rents.

    Page 1375: October "l" should be changed to "October 1"

    Coase, Ronald H. “Business Organization and the Accountant.” Accountant (October l–November 26, 1938).

    Name Index: Roman Numeral lvix is used in 4 positions and is wrong (should be lix):

    Kirzner, Israel --- Lachmann, Ludwig M. --- Mises -> Human Action --- Shackle, G.L.S.

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Introduction To Economics By John V. Van Sickle

    Status: Created
    Congress Catalog Card No.: 54-7538

    Fixed EPUB:
    Fixed PDF:

    Original PDF:

    Fix Notes: PDF Page (Actual Page)

    Page 63 (47 actual):
        - We shall be concerned with the business cyle in later chapters and with the possibility of controlling

    Page 162 (146 actual):
        - But competition cannot compel them to do so, and if they did so for reasons of sentiment or under compulsion, an anomolous situation would result.
    Page 175 (159 actual)
        - Erosion control, stream polu-tion control, urban zoning ordinances,

    Page 179 (163 actual):
        - Our first task is to define the “proper balance” beween the production of consumption goods and the production of capital goods.

    Page 251 (235 actual):
        - restraint that only his elite were expected to practice would spread rapily to wider and wider groups as the discovery of cheap and relatively

    Page 268 (252 actual):
        - only through trade with countries forunate enough to have mines within their territories or in the colonies under their control.
    Page 302 (286 actual):
        Missing period at the end of paragraph
        - of confidence can cause sudden and violent changes which are not easily subject to government control

    Page 303 (287 actual):
    Extra space before period
        - In that event it would lead to a general rise of prices, i.e., to inflation .
    Page 319 (303 actual):
        - Usually the governments made these notes legal tender, which increased their general acceptibility but also made them forced loans.
    Page 328 (312 actual):
        - To keep their reserves above the 25 percent legal minimium, they were forced to call loans.

    Page 469 (453 actual):
        - Health and educational services in particular suffer, and these difficiencies reduce the effectiveness of labor.

    Page 470 (454 actual):
        - considerably larger proportion of this group in the Southeast are potential extrants into the unskilled labor market in that region than

    Page 487 (471 actual):
        - The management’s decision to expand employment involves the payment of higher wages not only to the additional workers, but to all those previously em-employed.

    Page 527 (511 actual):
        - Real social security depends ultimately upon the capacty of an economic system to maintain a rate of capital formation at least
    Page 545 (529 actual):
        - The end of the page has a '.' should be changed to ','

    Page 553 (537 actual):
        - view of the burden on Mississippi taxpayers and the benfits to Mississippi’s needy aged,
        Footnote 3 is in the text but is missing from the bottom of the page.

    Page 571 (555 actual):
        - employment after the war and the avowedly socialist Labor Pary which held office from 1945 to the end of the decade

    Page 620 (604 actual):
        Changed to (3):
        - (1) a budget balanced at the level determined by the normal functions of the State; (2) no effort to change the personal distribution of income through taxing and spending; (2) no long-term debt creation except for purposes of adding to the durable assets of the State.

    Page 666 (650 actual):
        - to the faithful on the strategy to be followed for bringing in the millenium.
    Page 686 (670 actual):
        Missing .
        - Identify the resemblance and the differences

    Page 702 (686 actual):
        - Some men will always seek power, but, under private capitalism, ambitous men are induced to seek it indirectly through service and through the

    Page 756 (740 actual):
        NOT FIXED (Indentation problem)
        - Marshall, Alfred, 388
    Page 757 (741 actual):
        NOT FIXED (Indentation problem)
        - Keynesian analysis and, 397

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    The Incredible Bread Machine By R.W. Grant

    Status: Created
    Congress Catalog Card No.: 74-80968

    I am not 100% certain on the ISBN of the book, I used 0930073320 since that was the ISBN-10 version off of Amazon (I believe those are the same over different versions?).  The Amazon version is the Fox & Wilkes; (June 1999) edition, not the 1974 World Research, Inc. version.

    Fixed PDF: DEAD LINK

    Original PDF: DEAD LINK

    Fix Notes:

    Here is the changelog... there seemed to be many mistakes for such a small book:

    Page 59 (51 actual)

      - which became one of the most influenial books on economics ever written.

    Page 88 (80 actual)

      - for a wage sufficient to assure an adequate standare of living.

    Page 139 (131 actual):

      - This person has kept you from doing some importnat things during the course of the semester,

    Page 144 (141 actual):

      - Since the initiation of force is not premitted in a free society,

    Page 155 (152 actual):
      - The inescapable conclusion is that the owners of these parcels have been stripped of virually all of their property rights without compensation.

    Page 167 (159 actual):
      - State that Italy was in a state of seige by barbarians and that every man must stay at his post.

    Page 170 (162 actual):
      - party which advocates the eilimination of income tax

    Page 174 (166 actual):
      - Why should the rice grower in Sri Landa work to produce an excess when he can get his rice free?

    Page 200 (192 actual):
      - War on Proverty

    Footnote 31 in Chapter 8 exists in Footnote section, does not exist within the text.

    EPUB Only:

    - Removed the Footnotes chapter, placed footnotes at end of each chapter

    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Reassessing The Presidency By John V. Denson

    Status: Rehauled (09.18.2013)
    ISBN-10: 0945466293
    ISBN-13: 978-0945466291


    Fix Notes: PDF Page (Actual Page)

    - Fixed OCR of footnotes 38-40 on page 157 (123 actual)
        - Mistakenly 38, 38, 39
    - Fixed OCR of comma on page 407 (373 actual)
        - and merge they did ,on a scale that has not been equaled,
    - Fixed misspelling page 807 (773 actual)
        - Ethis, Religion, and Politics, 58In,
    - There is an error in the indentation of the Index 824 (790 actual)
        - Wilson, David I. and Eugene P. Trani,

    PDF Only:

    Recreated Bookmarks
        - Fixed misspellings in Chapters 2, 5, 17, 23, Appendix A.
        - Added subchapters

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    Mises Daily Articles (1998-2014)

    Status: First Pass Editting

    This is a long term project, and hopefully by the end there will be the entire collection of Mises Daily Articles in yearly EPUBs.

    It all began when I spotted a post by David Veskler on the Mises Development in December 2011 asking about an EPUB of the Mises Dailies. I had been dabbling in the EPUB format around that time period, and it really piqued my interests. I downloaded the archive which was uploaded, and noticed that any conversion programs were crashing due to the sheer number of HTML files (also these weren't the cleanest HTML files in the world). So I worked on a little program to strip a lot of worthless information out of the HTML files. This made the HTML go from ~150 MB down to ~86 MB.

    The project then laid dormant until early May 2012 when I decided to start working on it again.

    There is still much work to be done, but for now I am going through and cleaning up little mistakes here and there, and trying to make things consistent throughout the entire collection (adding hr tags before the author information, making the classes consistent for easy CSS changes in the future, removing HTML that works on a webpage, but not in the EPUB spec, etc.).

    I have left the HTML for all of the images, so if you are using a program on the PC (or any program which uses a Web backend to render the HTML), and also have an internet connection, the images will be pulled from, and you will most likely be able to see the images/charts perfectly just as if you were reading them on the website. If you are on a device with no internet, or one which follows the EPUB spec more closely, the images will not appear and you will only see text (this is how it is on my Nook). Once I finish cleaning all of the HTML, proofreading, and making sure everything else is correct, I will most likely create two separate EPUB versions. One which does not include images in the EPUB (small size, and will pull images from just as these EPUBs are doing), and one which includes all the images in the file (very large size, will follow the EPUB spec, will be able to be read on all devices hopefully, and save bandwidth costs).

    1998 (10.02.2014)

    1999 (10.01.2014)

    2000 (10.02.2014)

    2001 (10.02.2014)

    2002 (08.23.2013)

    2003 (08.23.2013)

    2004 (08.23.2013)

    2005 (08.23.2013)

    2006 (08.23.2013)

    2007 (08.23.2013)

    2008 (08.23.2013)

    2009 (08.27.2013)

    2010 (08.28.2013)

    2011 (09.03.2013)

    2012 (09.03.2013)

    2013 (09.30.2014)

    2014 (09.30.2014) (Up to Article #6902)