Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mises Daily Articles (1998-2014)

Status: First Pass Editting

This is a long term project, and hopefully by the end there will be the entire collection of Mises Daily Articles in yearly EPUBs.

It all began when I spotted a post by David Veskler on the Mises Development in December 2011 asking about an EPUB of the Mises Dailies. I had been dabbling in the EPUB format around that time period, and it really piqued my interests. I downloaded the archive which was uploaded, and noticed that any conversion programs were crashing due to the sheer number of HTML files (also these weren't the cleanest HTML files in the world). So I worked on a little program to strip a lot of worthless information out of the HTML files. This made the HTML go from ~150 MB down to ~86 MB.

The project then laid dormant until early May 2012 when I decided to start working on it again.

There is still much work to be done, but for now I am going through and cleaning up little mistakes here and there, and trying to make things consistent throughout the entire collection (adding hr tags before the author information, making the classes consistent for easy CSS changes in the future, removing HTML that works on a webpage, but not in the EPUB spec, etc.).

I have left the HTML for all of the images, so if you are using a program on the PC (or any program which uses a Web backend to render the HTML), and also have an internet connection, the images will be pulled from, and you will most likely be able to see the images/charts perfectly just as if you were reading them on the website. If you are on a device with no internet, or one which follows the EPUB spec more closely, the images will not appear and you will only see text (this is how it is on my Nook). Once I finish cleaning all of the HTML, proofreading, and making sure everything else is correct, I will most likely create two separate EPUB versions. One which does not include images in the EPUB (small size, and will pull images from just as these EPUBs are doing), and one which includes all the images in the file (very large size, will follow the EPUB spec, will be able to be read on all devices hopefully, and save bandwidth costs).

1998 (10.02.2014)

1999 (10.01.2014)

2000 (10.02.2014)

2001 (10.02.2014)

2002 (08.23.2013)

2003 (08.23.2013)

2004 (08.23.2013)

2005 (08.23.2013)

2006 (08.23.2013)

2007 (08.23.2013)

2008 (08.23.2013)

2009 (08.27.2013)

2010 (08.28.2013)

2011 (09.03.2013)

2012 (09.03.2013)

2013 (09.30.2014)

2014 (09.30.2014) (Up to Article #6902)

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