Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Path of Duty by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

Page 23: advantages

Of all the advantanges which come to any young man, I believe it to be demonstrably true that poverty is the greatest.

Page 112: little

Dressed in a littlle brief authority,

Index: Molière missing accent


I changed the CSS slightly, and the way I handle lists. Hopefully fixes the way it looks if converted to MOBI.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Love of Liberty by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

Page 18: succeeded

They have succeded in rendering a good term useless.

Page 38: luminosity

The wisdom that accounts for them is not in you or me; it derives from the overall lunimosity.

Page 44: politicians

When government is in the politico-economic driver’s seat, politicans, bureaucrats, and their coercive allies, labor unions, sport that badge.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Freedom Freeway by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)


Fix Notes:

Page 41: kingdom

Seek ye first the kindom of God [...]

Page 47: ever (?) (UNCHANGED)

They are generally considered the finest examples of the ESSAY every written.


Page 89, 92, 93, 97, 107:

Changed quotes from list to blockquotes

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Talking to Myself by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)


Fix Notes:

Page 6: responsibility

A captain of a plane in flight or ship at sea is constantly checking his bearings; his is the responsiblity for staying on course. To get off course is to court disaster.

Page 36: understanding

By using this term, he acknowledges that his is not a rational commitment; for one of his undertanding, it couldn’t possibly be.

Page 101: enumerate

The list of those things I may please to do but cannot do under my rule is far too long ever to ennumerate.

Page 103: philanthropy

But, beyond these limitations, whether in philanthrophy or charity or production and exchange or anything else creative, leave me free to do as I please lest my individuality be shorn away and destroyed rather than improved and expanded.


"eductor" was used throughout the book:
Inline TOC matches the book, the NCX TOC has all the "subchapters" included.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seeds of Progress by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

Page 37: Spacing Error

To symbolize the answer, take a handful of particles composed mostly of sawdust and a few iron or steel filings.Place a magnet over the particles and observe that only the filings are drawn to it.

Page 51: soldier

As a solider overseas in WW I, I often heard and obeyed the command, “About Face.”

Page 95: spiritual

Contrary to liberal mythology, competition is as necessary to intellectual, moral and spritual growth as it is to an abundance of goods and services.

Page 110: worldly (UNCHANGED)

In such ponderings, I begin to understand the awful temptation of those possessing fewer wordly goods to envy the ones who have more.


Page 62, 117-118:

Changed quotes from "list" to blockquotes

Why American History Is Not As They Say by Jeff Riggenbach

Status: Accepted on Mises (10.28.12)

My Typo Fixed EPUB (

User Submitted EPUB (if wanted for comparison)

Original EPUB (Junk Calibre Conversion)
Original PDF

Fix Notes:

This EPUB was submitted by a user to the Mises Institute. The user cleaned the original EPUB by stripping out all/most of the calibre conversion, and fixed:

- Footnotes
- File Structure

I went ahead and took the cleaned version and fixed hundreds of typos (mostly hyphenation issues). Here is my typo fixes from the original/fixed EPUB.

Hyphenation Errors:

2 John Dos Pas-sos

2 Germa-ny



































Spacing Errors:

36 accidental around '—'

52 non-spaced "[...]"

12 spaces before footnotes

2 J ohn

J ohnathan

2 J ames

j ournalism

[v] iewed

J ohnson

J efferson


r evisionist

"blue/ grey"

Wrong Italics:

15 parenthesis

189 commas

79 periods

22 quotation marks

3 books improperly italic

3 Accidental links

1 Accidental '^'

Missing punctuation:

Right before footnote 168

"Levellers of the English Civil War (16421647)"

"story of Henri de Saint-Simon (17601825)"

"Reagan's eight years (19661974)"

"Charles Austin Beard (18741948)"

Added accents:

ancien régime

naïve -> naïve

Missing blockquote:

Around Footnote 276

Beginning of Section 5 Chapter VI

Footnote Fixes:

Footnote 12 was missing "1956), p.74."

Footnote 28 link fixed

Footnote 52 link fixed

Footnote 116 had "I99o), p. i8." -> "1990), p. 18."

Footnote 141 link fixed

Footnote 238 "[yaf and SDs]" -> "[YAF and SDS]

Footnote 286 link fixed

Footnote 327 "A. of Leviathan" -> "A New History of Leviathan"

Footnote 335 Superscript problems, and some typos

Footnote 363 link fixed

Footnote 376 link fixed

Footnote 378 link fixed

TOC Fix:

First link to Chapter 3 was broken. Changed "chap1" to "chap3"

Changed to Life of Washington."

- [...] favorite reading was Parson Weems' Life of Washington!

Godkin's Nation"

- [...] Godkin's Nation' [...]

Changed to "UCV"

- United Confederate Veterans (ucv)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liberty: Legacy of Truth by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

Page 44: philosopher

Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-81), that remarkable Swiss philospher who devoted a lifetime to his private journal [...]

Page 106: Missing Period

At the end of "3. Trust the Infinite"


Page 4, 38-39:

I changed the bulleted list quotes, into blockquotes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let Freedom Reign by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (01/11/13) (v.3): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original SBN 91064-22-9
eISBN: 978-1-61016-572-3

Fix Notes:

The Author And Publisher:

"¿Por Que No Ensayar la Libertad" is missing the question mark at the end

Page 75: adequate

[...] before I can pursue my bent or aptitude or obsession, I must gain an adquate, voluntary approval or assent!

Page 125-126: Footnote number errors

Footnotes should be +1.

PDF Error:

Metadata title is "Let Freedom Ring"

How Do We Know by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (01/11/13) (v.5): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original ISBN: 0-910614-68-7
eISBN: 978-1-61016-575-4

Fix Notes:

Page 25: Left Single quote should be changed to Right single quote

‘Tis a megalomania:

Page 97: The right ] in after "left" is accidentally italic

That ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other [left] also.”

Page 111: unnecessary

So, to avoid unncessary repetition, I shall quote what others have had to say about low ambitions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Having My Way by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (01/11/13) (v.3): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original (paper) ISBN-0-910614-50-4
Original (cloth) ISBN-0-910614-49-0
eISBN: 978-1-61016-573-0

Fix Notes:

Page 38: Left Quotation needed

‘What? You expect me to give up the practices that are keeping me in business or in office?”

Page 41: Missing space

[...] attack, fight, flaunt our superiority—for time is of the essence!This is the activist approach.

Page 51: constituents

Confess this mistake to his constitutents?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Deeper Than You Think by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (01/11/13) (v.4): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

eISBN: 978-1-61016-576-1

Fix Notes:

Page 98: fulfill

What a field for the would-be philanthropist if all these wants were within his power to fufill!

Index. "Ortega y Gasset, Jose" is missing the 'é'


Should the Chapter titles alternate between alignments? Left, Right, Left, Right? Currently the chapter titles alternate arbitrarily (?):

R, L, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, R, L, R, L

Castles in the Air by Leonard E. Read

Status: Complete

Full Resolution Cover:


Original PDF:

Fix Notes:

Page 42: "to cope"

How cope with this danger?

Page 64, 65:

Footnotes 4 and 5 should be changed to 1 and 2.

Page 80: exemplary

And, with but few exemplarly exceptions, they are.

Page 121: Missing 'é'

In Footnote 4, "Jose Ortega". Earlier in the book in page 1 his name appeared with a 'é'. Also needs to be fixed in the Index.

Comes The Dawn by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (01/11/13) (v.3): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original ISBN: 0-910614-57-1
eISBN: 978-1-61016-574-7

Fix Notes:

Other books missing indent on "¿Por Que No Ensayar la Libertad?"

Page 19: according

Indeed, unless they act acording to the word, they will continue digging ever deeper into the pocketbooks of their children [...]

Page 36: Changed '.' to ','

On the other hand. there is a small but growing minority of persons who are becoming more skilled, articulate, and ardent devotees of socialism’s opposite: [...]

Page 37: government

In the decades that followed, citizens did not turn to government for succor, for goverment was so limited that it had nothing on hand to dispense, nor did it then have the power to take from some and give to others.

Page 43: governments

No one can possibly name all the commandeering by our thousands of goverments.

Page 54: Left Single Quote changed to Right Single Quote (to match the rest of the book)

‘Tis a momentary idolatry, doubtless inspired by novel phrasings of his own ideas which excite him.

Page 60: politicians

Then, to implement their degraded schemes—political nightmares—those politicans cultivate an enormous bureaucracy of a like-minded ilk.

Page 88: Robinson (?) (Unchanged)

A Robinsoe Crusoe, of course, has no one to steal from.

Page 97: Broken left quotation mark

[...] with animal fats to make possible a ‘’simple” pencil?

Page 104: nazism (?) (Unchanged)

The latter has numerous contemporary labels: communism, Fabianism, fascism, naziism, and so on.

Page 139: Missing em dash '—' before Matthew

Friday, October 12, 2012

Accent on the Right by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto (01.11.13)

Update (10/24/12) (v.6): Shaved 16 KBs by using different compression on an image.
Update (01/11/13) (v.7): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

eISBN: 978-1-61016-577-8

Fix Notes:

Page 42:

Blockquote problem. "The delivery of first-class mail for pay;" is the end of the list. The next paragraph I believe should have been treated like the rest of the paragraphs within the book (and have a margin between the bottom of the list and the paragraph).

Page 70: millionaires

[...] thus, most of us would not have survived—not even our current millionaries.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awake For Freedom's Sake by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (10/24/12) (v.4): Shaved ~3 KBs by using different compression on the image.
Update (01/11/13) (v.5): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original ISBN: 0-910614-58-X
eISBN: 978-1-61016-578-5

Fix Notes:

OTHER BOOKS By Leonard E. Read:

Missing indent on "¿Por Que No Ensayar la Libertad?"

Page 10: Missing '—' before "C. F. KETTERING"

Page 80: effectively

He perceives opportunities to employ scarce resources to serve consumers more efficiently and effectivly than otherwise would be the case

Page 108: Accidental missplaced comma

Just about the hardest sell in all history ,so far as I know, was undertaken by Medieval “Christians,” namely, the Crusades that went on for the better part of two centuries.

Page 114: accidental '-'

“Why, Mr. Saint Peter, I had the reputation of being an honest man. What do you mean I stole money from-widows and orphans.”

Page 157: Missing space before quotation.

So, forever listen! Wisdom may come, as the Bible suggests,“from out the mouths of babes.”

Page 162: liberty

The very first step in knowing how to use our iberty is self-government.


Removed Title Page (redundant), moved some of the FEE information to the Copyright Page (in this book, titled "The Author And Publisher").

Centered some of the copyright information.

Page 67 (and a few others I didn't mark):

Changed the authors who were quoted to the right to make the entire book match.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Instead of Dictatorship by Henry Hazlitt

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)


Fix Notes:


Ouroboros or the Mechanical Extension of Mankind by Garet Garrett

Status: Accepted onto Mises (11.06.13)

Update (10/25/2012): New Cover and eISBN.

eISBN: 9781610165709

Cover: Dead Mediafire Link. If anyone wants the original high quality cover, please leave a comment.

Fix Notes:

Page 16: formerly

Silks, watches, ornaments, shoes like those of queens and ladies, plated ware, upholstered furniture, soft beds, besides things that were formely non-existent and therefore beyond the reach of kings, sultans and nabobs, such as electric lights, [...]

Page 20: Or

[...] wonderful than the silkworm similarly converting the mulberry leaf in precious quantities? or a steel ship more amazing than a whale? What of the mechanical beast with a colorless fluid in its tail and a flame in its nose [...]

Page 29: terrific

As you may know, the industrial equipment of the world is increasing by teriffic momentum.

Page 30: protocols

Yet they are but protcols of truce.

Page 34: industrial

Competition among industiral nations to exploit one another’s internal markets is but one profile of all that dangerous activity taking place in the name of foreign trade.

Page 39: install

The makers of fifty-dollar watches throw away their old machines, instal new ones, increase their production, reduce their costs, and not only make what was a fifty-dollar watch for twenty-five but contribute also, in a competitive manner, to the supply of ten-dollar watches.

Page 60: abhorring

[...] was the protagonist of free trade, abhoring tariffs, because she was paramount in machine craft and could beat her rivals both in their own markets and in her own.

Page 69: uncontrollable

Beginning about 1870 there was a sudden and uncontrol-able increase in the output of industry from two principal causes.

Page 80: became

It becames vital by extension—that is to say, when in the course of time the industrial population has increased beyond the native food supply.

Page 85: machine craft (to match its usage in the rest of the book)

So long as three or four nations had a monopoly of machines and machinecraft it could be managed; [...]

Page 86: laudable

[...] their wives and families, as for a good education of a great part of the youth of this realm in good art and laudible exercise:

Page 93: mandated

We witness almost unawares the ruin of that classic enterprise of empire which is founded upon the theory of a balance of trade and a division of labor whereby the colonies, the dominions, the subject and manadated peoples are hewers, drawers, and food-bringers, serving those who live in cities, practice machine craft, and think themselves wholly benevolent.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Triumph of Gold by Charles Rist

Status: Accepted onto Mises (10.10.12)

Update (10/4/12): This version of the EPUB includes an all new cover, and all EPUBs from here on out will include Ludwig von Mises Institute copyright information.

Update (10/10/12): Accidentally forgot "Cover" tag. This would mean the book would not show a cover in "Bookshelf" mode.

Original Cover: If anyone wants this, please leave a comment.
Fixed PDF: If wanted, please leave a comment.

Fix Notes:

Page 218:

The heading "THE TRIUMPH OF GOLD" is missing on the upper left of the page.


Bookmark Errors:

Missing space
1.Freedom for the Gold Market

"Change in Orientation" is the actual name of the chapter
7. Change in Opinion

Changed to "Monetary"
17. The Failure of the International Monetaryt Fund

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Twenty Year Revolution: From Roosevelt To Eisenhower By Chesly Manly

Status: Complete


Original PDF:

Fix Notes:

Page 95: common

[...] with the inevitable result of exploitation of the comman man by the masses, or rather, by those who in such a system apply power over the masses. . . .

Page 114

Missing '.' after "VII"

Page 174: Russians

[...] reminded Acheson at the Senate hearing that in the negotiations preceding the outbreak of that war in 1904 the Rus-sions proposed that Korea be divided at the 38th parallel.

Page 193: millennium

[...] of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the creation of a millenium of peace.



Changed to "Roosevelt"
V. Roosevelt's Rebels Against the Constitution
Changed to "Revolution"
:XII. Revolutoin by Treaty