Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awake For Freedom's Sake by Leonard E. Read

Status: Accepted onto Mises (01.11.13)

Update (10/24/12) (v.4): Shaved ~3 KBs by using different compression on the image.
Update (01/11/13) (v.5): Officially posted on Mises Literature section

Original ISBN: 0-910614-58-X
eISBN: 978-1-61016-578-5

Fix Notes:

OTHER BOOKS By Leonard E. Read:

Missing indent on "¿Por Que No Ensayar la Libertad?"

Page 10: Missing '—' before "C. F. KETTERING"

Page 80: effectively

He perceives opportunities to employ scarce resources to serve consumers more efficiently and effectivly than otherwise would be the case

Page 108: Accidental missplaced comma

Just about the hardest sell in all history ,so far as I know, was undertaken by Medieval “Christians,” namely, the Crusades that went on for the better part of two centuries.

Page 114: accidental '-'

“Why, Mr. Saint Peter, I had the reputation of being an honest man. What do you mean I stole money from-widows and orphans.”

Page 157: Missing space before quotation.

So, forever listen! Wisdom may come, as the Bible suggests,“from out the mouths of babes.”

Page 162: liberty

The very first step in knowing how to use our iberty is self-government.


Removed Title Page (redundant), moved some of the FEE information to the Copyright Page (in this book, titled "The Author And Publisher").

Centered some of the copyright information.

Page 67 (and a few others I didn't mark):

Changed the authors who were quoted to the right to make the entire book match.

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