Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Triumph of Gold by Charles Rist

Status: Accepted onto Mises (10.10.12)

Update (10/4/12): This version of the EPUB includes an all new cover, and all EPUBs from here on out will include Ludwig von Mises Institute copyright information.

Update (10/10/12): Accidentally forgot "Cover" tag. This would mean the book would not show a cover in "Bookshelf" mode.

Original Cover: If anyone wants this, please leave a comment.
Fixed PDF: If wanted, please leave a comment.

Fix Notes:

Page 218:

The heading "THE TRIUMPH OF GOLD" is missing on the upper left of the page.


Bookmark Errors:

Missing space
1.Freedom for the Gold Market

"Change in Orientation" is the actual name of the chapter
7. Change in Opinion

Changed to "Monetary"
17. The Failure of the International Monetaryt Fund

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