Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wealth: A Brief Explanation of the Causes of Economic Welfare By Edwin Cannan

Status: Complete


Original PDF:

I tested a new cover method on this book, it is an Indexed PNG that I resized from the original, this allowed the cover to be extremely tiny (~7 KB).... I then went in and manually touched it up a little (the text looked quite garbled from the resize). It seems to work well on my Nook, and still looks decent on the PC.

Fix Notes:

Page 167: proportion

[...] property is also small in porportion to the whole.

Page 169: proportion

[...] as the rental value of their premises would generally be trifling in porportion to their gains as “ monied men.”

Page 227: disagreeableness

[...] to submit to so much “ disaggreableness of labour ” when they earn additional income by working as [...]

Page 228: proportion

[...] more income gives more wealth, but always in a less and less porportion.


Removed the spacing around punctuation.

Renumbered Footnotes in Chapter 14 (in the physical book each page began at 1)



Changed to "and"
Chapter II. Co-operation. or Combination of Division of Labour

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Economics and the Public Welfare By Benjamin Anderson

Status: Complete


Fix Notes:

Page 94: franc
As we shall later see, this was a very important factor in saving the French france from the complete collapse that the German mark went through.

Page 106: Participation
American Paricipation in Loan Conditioned on Immediate Gold Payments by Bank.

Page 116: assisted
[...] Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, asssisted and supported by an untrained and inexperienced man in Washington, [...]

Page 158: franc
French wholesale prices in May of 1926 were below the world level even if the france were put at 4¢, while with the franc at 3 1/2¢ French wholesale prices would have been far below the world gold level.

Page 159: In
Native French products (in French currency )

Page 186: were
The Federal Reserve authorities wese using measures which, on the basis of their past experience, [...]

Page 216
Missing a period at the end of Footnote 1 (Potential Scan Error?)

Page 307: conflict
The New Deal is far too complex to be described in any simple terms, but the conflct between a liberal foreign trade policy and the policy of internal regimentation is one of the clues to much that follows.

Page 380 OR 381
Missing Footnote 1 (in text and bottom of the page), OR Footnote 2 and 3 on Page 381 should be changed to 1 and 2.

Page 385
Footnote 1 in text and bottom of page should become Footnote 2

Page 428: bookkeeping
In cases where bookeeping was difficult to enforce

Page 454
Missing commas
If a man bought $10,000 worth of stock, the rule required that he pay in cash $5500 and that he borrow only $4500. His margin was 55% of the cost of the stock, but it was 122% of the $4500 loan.

Page 471
Table has an extra/empty column. Potentially meant to have an "Amer. Labor" column?

Page 494

Footnote "1" is supposed to be Footnote 3.

Page 498: population
The estimate is that the growth of the poulation in the last half of the nineteenth century was “responsible” for perhaps 60% of the “capital formation” in the United States.

Page 531
Missing commas
[...] individuals of $3000 and less, and over 80% of the total income of the country was received by individuals and families with incomes of $5000 and less.

Page 535: monopolies
[...] was greatly helped by the fact that its indirect taxes and its revenues from fiscal monoplies came in [...]

Page 554: with
He said that the trouble wtih the Nazi is that they do not have consciences.

Page 568: bureaucrats
[...] with red tape cut through, did a job which bureacrats could never do in peacetime.

Page 571: Government
[...] which characterized the relation of Goverment with business at the beginning of the war, [...]

Page 586: Criticisms
Criticisims of the Bank.

Page 597
Index, under England, "equalization"
equilization account, 417;

Page 600
"Poincare" should be changed to "Poincaré"


Changed the format of the table on page 447, 516.


Added Chapter numbers to the bookmarks


Added Numbering

6: "Postwar Bom" -> Boom
14: "Frank" -> France
60: "Keynesy" -> Keynes
81: "British loan" -> Loan

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Human Action By Ludwig von Mises

Status: Reading (Chapter XVI)

10.17.2014 EPUB:!DdolSRrS!TqRtRMA7irw4QB9x5PnDpTh2zzTOS_R0jF7YXzxyukw

I will be reading Human Action over the coming months, and fixing any errors I run into.

Fix Notes:

More information can be found on the forum topic here:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fabian Freeway by Rose Martin

Status: Complete (03.06.2013)

This book is officially on

The PDF version of this book has badly marked pages:

125-137, 139-144, 148-153, 156-158, 160-164, 165-172, 173-175, 501, 503-513, 514-515, 531-535

I put in a request to the Mises Institute for scans of the new pages. There is not much demand for this book, and there is not much money for the payment of a new scan.

Also attached is a rough draft of the PDF version. I cleaned up a few of the easier scanning artifacts manually, and it does have a better OCR backend than the original. (24 MB compared to the original 40 MB) New scans of those badly marked pages should bring the size way down.

Edit (01/10/2013): Thanks to progressingamerica's work on his conversion of the book to HTML (linked below). I did an in depth comparison between my version and his, which also allowed me to also catch many more errors, and implement all of the badly marked pages into the EPUB.

Metadata: Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 66-28199
Download Links:
EPUB: Dead (See Mediafire Post)
PDF: Dead (See Mediafire Post)

Fix Notes:

Page 187: benefiting

and to benefitting unostentatiously from his private investments and an ample income derived from syndication of his column.

Page 212: benefited

[...] manager of the International Oxygen Company, which had benefitted from wartime contracts, [...]

Page 246: into (scan error?)

A hundred and seventy years ago the welfare state concept was translated nto the basic law of this land by the founders of the republic [...]

Page 361: centralized

[...] more centrallized control, as a result of Federal aid to states and municipalities; [...]

Page 366: right quotation -> left quotation

”Secretary’s Report (September, 1961-July, 1963)

Page 268: envisioned

[...] Rostow explained that the species of world-wide New Deal envisoned for underdeveloped countries will not wholly eliminate private business.

Page 421: Uruguay

They visited the following countries: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Urguay, Brazil, where they met leading representatives of the Socialist and Popular Parties.”

Page 423: Footnotes 33 and 34 need to be swapped