Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wealth: A Brief Explanation of the Causes of Economic Welfare By Edwin Cannan

Status: Complete


Original PDF:

I tested a new cover method on this book, it is an Indexed PNG that I resized from the original, this allowed the cover to be extremely tiny (~7 KB).... I then went in and manually touched it up a little (the text looked quite garbled from the resize). It seems to work well on my Nook, and still looks decent on the PC.

Fix Notes:

Page 167: proportion

[...] property is also small in porportion to the whole.

Page 169: proportion

[...] as the rental value of their premises would generally be trifling in porportion to their gains as “ monied men.”

Page 227: disagreeableness

[...] to submit to so much “ disaggreableness of labour ” when they earn additional income by working as [...]

Page 228: proportion

[...] more income gives more wealth, but always in a less and less porportion.


Removed the spacing around punctuation.

Renumbered Footnotes in Chapter 14 (in the physical book each page began at 1)



Changed to "and"
Chapter II. Co-operation. or Combination of Division of Labour

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