Friday, September 7, 2012

Fabian Freeway by Rose Martin

Status: Complete (03.06.2013)

This book is officially on

The PDF version of this book has badly marked pages:

125-137, 139-144, 148-153, 156-158, 160-164, 165-172, 173-175, 501, 503-513, 514-515, 531-535

I put in a request to the Mises Institute for scans of the new pages. There is not much demand for this book, and there is not much money for the payment of a new scan.

Also attached is a rough draft of the PDF version. I cleaned up a few of the easier scanning artifacts manually, and it does have a better OCR backend than the original. (24 MB compared to the original 40 MB) New scans of those badly marked pages should bring the size way down.

Edit (01/10/2013): Thanks to progressingamerica's work on his conversion of the book to HTML (linked below). I did an in depth comparison between my version and his, which also allowed me to also catch many more errors, and implement all of the badly marked pages into the EPUB.

Metadata: Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 66-28199
Download Links:
EPUB: Dead (See Mediafire Post)
PDF: Dead (See Mediafire Post)

Fix Notes:

Page 187: benefiting

and to benefitting unostentatiously from his private investments and an ample income derived from syndication of his column.

Page 212: benefited

[...] manager of the International Oxygen Company, which had benefitted from wartime contracts, [...]

Page 246: into (scan error?)

A hundred and seventy years ago the welfare state concept was translated nto the basic law of this land by the founders of the republic [...]

Page 361: centralized

[...] more centrallized control, as a result of Federal aid to states and municipalities; [...]

Page 366: right quotation -> left quotation

”Secretary’s Report (September, 1961-July, 1963)

Page 268: envisioned

[...] Rostow explained that the species of world-wide New Deal envisoned for underdeveloped countries will not wholly eliminate private business.

Page 421: Uruguay

They visited the following countries: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Urguay, Brazil, where they met leading representatives of the Socialist and Popular Parties.”

Page 423: Footnotes 33 and 34 need to be swapped


  1. Can this help you?

    1. Yes, thank you very much! From a glance at paragraphs from Chapter 9's badly marked pages, it looks as if a very good job was done on converting the badly marked pages into HTML.

      The only thing I see missing is italics, but this should save a ton of time on my EPUB version.

      After I finish my next EPUB (within the next few days), I will begin reworking on this one using your HTML as a base for all of the missing pages/footnotes.

  2. Is that your EPUB that made it onto the Mises webpage?

    1. Yes. Thanks to your help I was able to get those missing pages. Had a fancy new cover made and everything. :)

      Did you happen to implement any of those changes I sent you on mistakes I found on your site?