Saturday, September 29, 2012

Economics and the Public Welfare By Benjamin Anderson

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Fix Notes:

Page 94: franc
As we shall later see, this was a very important factor in saving the French france from the complete collapse that the German mark went through.

Page 106: Participation
American Paricipation in Loan Conditioned on Immediate Gold Payments by Bank.

Page 116: assisted
[...] Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, asssisted and supported by an untrained and inexperienced man in Washington, [...]

Page 158: franc
French wholesale prices in May of 1926 were below the world level even if the france were put at 4¢, while with the franc at 3 1/2¢ French wholesale prices would have been far below the world gold level.

Page 159: In
Native French products (in French currency )

Page 186: were
The Federal Reserve authorities wese using measures which, on the basis of their past experience, [...]

Page 216
Missing a period at the end of Footnote 1 (Potential Scan Error?)

Page 307: conflict
The New Deal is far too complex to be described in any simple terms, but the conflct between a liberal foreign trade policy and the policy of internal regimentation is one of the clues to much that follows.

Page 380 OR 381
Missing Footnote 1 (in text and bottom of the page), OR Footnote 2 and 3 on Page 381 should be changed to 1 and 2.

Page 385
Footnote 1 in text and bottom of page should become Footnote 2

Page 428: bookkeeping
In cases where bookeeping was difficult to enforce

Page 454
Missing commas
If a man bought $10,000 worth of stock, the rule required that he pay in cash $5500 and that he borrow only $4500. His margin was 55% of the cost of the stock, but it was 122% of the $4500 loan.

Page 471
Table has an extra/empty column. Potentially meant to have an "Amer. Labor" column?

Page 494

Footnote "1" is supposed to be Footnote 3.

Page 498: population
The estimate is that the growth of the poulation in the last half of the nineteenth century was “responsible” for perhaps 60% of the “capital formation” in the United States.

Page 531
Missing commas
[...] individuals of $3000 and less, and over 80% of the total income of the country was received by individuals and families with incomes of $5000 and less.

Page 535: monopolies
[...] was greatly helped by the fact that its indirect taxes and its revenues from fiscal monoplies came in [...]

Page 554: with
He said that the trouble wtih the Nazi is that they do not have consciences.

Page 568: bureaucrats
[...] with red tape cut through, did a job which bureacrats could never do in peacetime.

Page 571: Government
[...] which characterized the relation of Goverment with business at the beginning of the war, [...]

Page 586: Criticisms
Criticisims of the Bank.

Page 597
Index, under England, "equalization"
equilization account, 417;

Page 600
"Poincare" should be changed to "Poincaré"


Changed the format of the table on page 447, 516.


Added Chapter numbers to the bookmarks


Added Numbering

6: "Postwar Bom" -> Boom
14: "Frank" -> France
60: "Keynesy" -> Keynes
81: "British loan" -> Loan


  1. The link doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks in advance. Also, could you do Chester A. Phillips et al.'s BANKING AND THE BUSINESS CYCLE at some point?

  2. >> The link doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks in advance.

    Reuploaded, and you are welcome.

    >> Also, could you do Chester A. Phillips et al.'s BANKING AND THE BUSINESS CYCLE at some point?

    There is an EPUB available on Mises already:

    I may be working on a cleaned up version of that EPUB, although those types are a very low priority.