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Introduction To Economics By John V. Van Sickle

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Page 63 (47 actual):
    - We shall be concerned with the business cyle in later chapters and with the possibility of controlling

Page 162 (146 actual):
    - But competition cannot compel them to do so, and if they did so for reasons of sentiment or under compulsion, an anomolous situation would result.
Page 175 (159 actual)
    - Erosion control, stream polu-tion control, urban zoning ordinances,

Page 179 (163 actual):
    - Our first task is to define the “proper balance” beween the production of consumption goods and the production of capital goods.

Page 251 (235 actual):
    - restraint that only his elite were expected to practice would spread rapily to wider and wider groups as the discovery of cheap and relatively

Page 268 (252 actual):
    - only through trade with countries forunate enough to have mines within their territories or in the colonies under their control.
Page 302 (286 actual):
    Missing period at the end of paragraph
    - of confidence can cause sudden and violent changes which are not easily subject to government control

Page 303 (287 actual):
Extra space before period
    - In that event it would lead to a general rise of prices, i.e., to inflation .
Page 319 (303 actual):
    - Usually the governments made these notes legal tender, which increased their general acceptibility but also made them forced loans.
Page 328 (312 actual):
    - To keep their reserves above the 25 percent legal minimium, they were forced to call loans.

Page 469 (453 actual):
    - Health and educational services in particular suffer, and these difficiencies reduce the effectiveness of labor.

Page 470 (454 actual):
    - considerably larger proportion of this group in the Southeast are potential extrants into the unskilled labor market in that region than

Page 487 (471 actual):
    - The management’s decision to expand employment involves the payment of higher wages not only to the additional workers, but to all those previously em-employed.

Page 527 (511 actual):
    - Real social security depends ultimately upon the capacty of an economic system to maintain a rate of capital formation at least
Page 545 (529 actual):
    - The end of the page has a '.' should be changed to ','

Page 553 (537 actual):
    - view of the burden on Mississippi taxpayers and the benfits to Mississippi’s needy aged,
    Footnote 3 is in the text but is missing from the bottom of the page.

Page 571 (555 actual):
    - employment after the war and the avowedly socialist Labor Pary which held office from 1945 to the end of the decade

Page 620 (604 actual):
    Changed to (3):
    - (1) a budget balanced at the level determined by the normal functions of the State; (2) no effort to change the personal distribution of income through taxing and spending; (2) no long-term debt creation except for purposes of adding to the durable assets of the State.

Page 666 (650 actual):
    - to the faithful on the strategy to be followed for bringing in the millenium.
Page 686 (670 actual):
    Missing .
    - Identify the resemblance and the differences

Page 702 (686 actual):
    - Some men will always seek power, but, under private capitalism, ambitous men are induced to seek it indirectly through service and through the

Page 756 (740 actual):
    NOT FIXED (Indentation problem)
    - Marshall, Alfred, 388
Page 757 (741 actual):
    NOT FIXED (Indentation problem)
    - Keynesian analysis and, 397

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