Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Incredible Bread Machine By R.W. Grant

Status: Created
Congress Catalog Card No.: 74-80968

I am not 100% certain on the ISBN of the book, I used 0930073320 since that was the ISBN-10 version off of Amazon (I believe those are the same over different versions?).  The Amazon version is the Fox & Wilkes; (June 1999) edition, not the 1974 World Research, Inc. version.



Fix Notes:

Here is the changelog... there seemed to be many mistakes for such a small book:

Page 59 (51 actual)

  - which became one of the most influenial books on economics ever written.

Page 88 (80 actual)

  - for a wage sufficient to assure an adequate standare of living.

Page 139 (131 actual):

  - This person has kept you from doing some importnat things during the course of the semester,

Page 144 (141 actual):

  - Since the initiation of force is not premitted in a free society,

Page 155 (152 actual):
  - The inescapable conclusion is that the owners of these parcels have been stripped of virually all of their property rights without compensation.

Page 167 (159 actual):
  - State that Italy was in a state of seige by barbarians and that every man must stay at his post.

Page 170 (162 actual):
  - party which advocates the eilimination of income tax

Page 174 (166 actual):
  - Why should the rice grower in Sri Landa work to produce an excess when he can get his rice free?

Page 200 (192 actual):
  - War on Proverty

Footnote 31 in Chapter 8 exists in Footnote section, does not exist within the text.

EPUB Only:

- Removed the Footnotes chapter, placed footnotes at end of each chapter


  1. could we please get a reupload of this book? the world one sucks

    1. Of course, I reuploaded it just now. Thank you for letting me know that this one was down. :)