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Man, Economy, And State By Murray Rothbard

Status: Second Pass (07.06.2013)
ISBN: 978-1-933550-27-5

Fixed EPUB:!jEoChaAD!R4dv9lupwS3kP6l21Lp0ummqHQlM8RIc19Jz6ZJGgqg


Fix Notes:

  • 152 leftover '-'
  • 22 spacing issues
  • Extra 1 before Footnote in Chapter 1
  • added sub tag to "1/4"
  • Figure 32 Extra letters
  • Figure 36 "Rservation"
  • Figure 38 "Rgression" mispelled
  • Chapter 5 Production: Tthe Structure
  • Figure 47 "Iiterest"
  • Chapter 6 Footnote 5's second part was still in the text (missing in Footnote section)
  • Fixed a missing “ in Chapter 10
  • for the latter transfers saved funds from private to governmental hands rather than creates new funds
  • society for the last century and a half and more—the dread business cycle.
  • Thus, conservatives’ charges that the progressive tax
  • any of these positions may well be adopted without saying him nay.

  • Fix Notes (07.06.2013)

    Page 54: par. 0: the numerator in fraction "1/20" has a letter "l" instead of a "1"

    Similarly, a mill converting wheat into flour may have a useful life of 20 years, in which case we could say that l/20 of the mill was used up in each year's production of flour.

    Page 103: par. 3, near very bottom of page: "e" in price is not italic

    The price is the rate of exchange between two commodities expressed in terms of one of the commodities.

    Page 169: par. 3: en dash should be an em dash:

    In each case, different concrete considerations enter into the formation of the value scales–such as time preference in the case of credit exchanges; and this permits more to be said about the various specific types of exchanges.

    Page 550: first par. in section 8: "s" in "adds" is not italic

    In the real world there is an additional entrepreneurial (or “risk”) component, which adds to the interest rate in particularly risky ventures, and in accordance with the degree of risk.

    Page 600: Footnote 48: October "l" should be October "1", and the "e" in "idem" is not italic.

    [...] R.H. Coase, “Business Organization and the Accountant,” The Accountant, October l–November 26, 1938; and idem, “Full Costs, Cost Changes, and Prices” in Business Concentration and Price Policy, pp. 392–94; [...]

    Page 630: par. 0: the "s" in "sovereignty" is not italic.

    Rather than “consumers’ sovereignty,” it would be more accurate to state that in the free market there is sovereignty of the individual: the individual is sovereign over his own person and actions and over his own property.

    Page 793: Footnote 28: the "e" in "idem" is not italic.

    Irving Fisher, The Rate of Interest (New York, 1907), chap. v, xiv; idem, Purchasing Power of Money, pp. 56–59.

    Page 940: Footnote 54 carried over: "s" in "deficits" is not italic

    In contrast to the present method of national income accounting, Kuznets would have eliminated all government deficits from its “productive contribution.”

    Page 1049: par. 0: "e" in "the" is not italic

    The laissez-faire theorists (who are here joined by almost all other writers) attempt to redeem their position from this glaring contradiction by asserting that a purely free-market defense service could not exist and that therefore those who value highly a forcible defense against violence would have to fall back on the State (despite its black historical record as the great engine of invasive violence) as a necessary evil for the protection of person and property.

    Page 1178: par. 0: The "a" in "accumulated" is not italic.

    [...] is taxed on an income of 40 when his income was only 10. The final tax, therefore, largely becomes one on accumulated capital rather than on income.

    Page 1200: par. 1: "e" in "increase" is not italic.

    Any increase in the capital value of idle land, then, does not reflect a current rent; it merely reflects an upgrading of people's expectations about future rents.

    Page 1375: October "l" should be changed to "October 1"

    Coase, Ronald H. “Business Organization and the Accountant.” Accountant (October l–November 26, 1938).

    Name Index: Roman Numeral lvix is used in 4 positions and is wrong (should be lix):

    Kirzner, Israel --- Lachmann, Ludwig M. --- Mises -> Human Action --- Shackle, G.L.S.

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