Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru by Louis Baudin

Status: Updated (01.27.2014)
ISBN: 978-0442006006


Fix Notes:

Page 175 (153 actual)
The Peruvians also made use either of a raft composed of several tree trunks lashed togethed with ropes and pulled across the water by a cable or of a little reed boat

Page 340 (318 actual)
might well have been acquinted with this method of writing.

Page 370 (348 actual)
Footnote 16 is missing a ”

Page 436 (414 actual)
X is placed after Y in Bibliography

Page 441 (419 actual)
McBride is placed in the wrong place.

PDF Only:

Added Subchapter Bookmarks

EPUB Only:

Removed Notes Chapter, added them to the end of each chapter.
Moved the TOC before the Foreword

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