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The Principles of Ethics by Herbert Spencer

Status: Accepted onto Mises (08.31.12)
Note: I ran the scans through ScanTailor in order to clean up many of the scanning artifacts. Also, these came out to ~53% the filesize of the original PDFs. (If Fixed PDFs are wanted, please leave a comment).

Update (03.29.13): My mediafire account is suspended, if any of the files are needed, leave me a request. I personally created each Volume as a separate EPUB, it was combined on Mises's end, I did not have anything to do with that (and I have not taken a super close look). Here is the link:

Volume I


Volume II


Fix Notes:

(actual page # in parenthesis)

Vol I:

page (62):
Footnote is at bottom of page, but the * is not placed in text of the book. I have placed it in the EPUB near the end of the chapter.

page (293):
Go back to the times when blood-feuds were not only chronic between adjacent tribes but in the later times in which there were blood-feuds maintained from generation to generation between families of the same tribe, and contrast it with the present time in which, among civilized peoples, such aggressions as exist, relatively few, are far less violent in kind; and it cannot be denied that that negative latruism which is shown in refraining from injuring others, has increased.

 page (437):
 rubbed from head to foot with stinking blubber, gorged to repletion wtth putrid meat

Vol II:

page (105):
The knowledge thus obtained may be digested, re-organized and new knowledge educed from it by its possessor,

page (228):
§ 368. We saw (in Chap. XXIII.) that at a later stage of evolution a society may acquire a nature fundamentally unlike the nature it had at an earler stage;

page (267):
There is inability to separate in thought those assertions of religious freedom which do not involve aggressions on otherss, from those which do involve aggressions on others, in the form of nuisances.

 page (310):
perversions of men’s beliefs caused by absence of that sympathetic interpretration which negative beneficence enjoins.

 page (341):
Beyond the efficient household adminstration demanded alike by justice and by beneficence, there needs on the part of a wife sympathy in a husband’s interests and aims and anxieties.

page (363):
the ethics of evolution, as here interpreted, emphasize this form of beneficence; since the highest individual nature and the higest social type,

 page (395):
if gatherings for the interchange of ideas and mutual excitation of emotions add, in consid-siderable measure, to the gratifications of each and all;

page (399):
requirements which, indeed, will by most be denied, and by many will even be consid-sidered at variance with social obligations.

page (450):
I hold that the notions of what is right vary with the variations, and advance with the progess, of the social order.”

page (492): In the Index (definiteness) also defi-initeness,

EPUBs ONLY (Both Volumes):

Cleaned up the References section to make it more readable.

PDF ONLY (Volume II):

Bookmark Errors:

Part IV:
"Part IV. The Ethics of Social Life" -> "Part IV. Justice"
"VIII. The Corollaries" -> "VIII. Its Corollaries"
"XI. The Rights To the Uses of National Media" -> "XI. The Rights To the Uses of Natural Media"
"XII. The Right to Property" -> "XII. The Right of Property"
"XIII. The Right to Incorporeal Property" -> "XIII. The Right of Incorporeal Property"
"XIV. The Rights of Gift and Request" -> "XIV. The Rights of Gift and Bequest"
"XV. The Rights of Free Exchange" -> "XV. The Rights of Free Exchange and Free Contract"
"XVII. The Rights of Free Relief and Worship" -> "XVII. The Rights of Free Belief and Worship"
"XXVI. The Limits of State Duties" -> "XXVI. The Limits of State-Duties"
"XXVII. The Limits of State Duties - continued" -> "XXVII. The Limits of State-Duties Continued"
"XXVIII. The Limits of State Duties - Continued" -> "XXVIII. The Limits of State-Duties - Continued"
"XXIX. The Limits of State Duties - Continued" -> "XXIX. The Limits of State-Duties - Concluded"

Part V:
"Part V. The Ethics of Social Life" -> "Part V. Negative Beneficence"

 Part VI:
"Part VI. The Ethics of Social Life" -> "Part VI. Positive Beneficence"
"I. Marital Reneficence" -> "I. Marital Beneficence"

Added Appendixes A-E.

Added "Titles of Works Referred To"
Moved "Subject Index" as a child under References. Also -> "Subject-Index"

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