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Liberty and the Great Libertarians By Charles T. Sprading

Status: Tweaked (10.1.2013)
ISBN: 9781610161077

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Fix Notes (10.01.2013):

Page 103: par. 2: prescriptions

The volume in which justice records her perscriptions is forever increasing, and the world would not contain the books that might be written.

Page 105: par. 1, last sentence: Sphere

The Shpere and Duty of Government, with its clear, free thinking, was even more fearless and distinctive than the volumes of critical philology.

Page 113: par. 1: promiscuous

The solicitude of a State for the positive welfare of its citizens, must further be hurtful, in that it has to operate upon a promiscous mass of individualities, and therefore does harm to these by measures which cannot meet individual cases.

Page 138: par. 1: likely

It is true that this benefit is not capable of being rendered by everybody alike; there are but few persons, in comparison with the whole of mankind, whose experiments, if adopted by others, would be likey to be any improvement on established practice.

Page 146: par. 1: genuine

Your geniune action will explain itself, and will explain your other geniune actions.

Page 240: par. 1: Sovereignity

[...] and this is what is meant by the Soveriegnity of the Individual, limited only by the ever accompanying condition, resulting from the equal Sovereignty of all others, that the onerous consequences of his actions be assumed by himself.

Page 240: par. 2 (bottom): interference

In the elegant and refined reunions of the aristocratic classes there is none of the impertinent intereference of legislation.

Page 346: bottom par.: business

“Mind your own busines” is its only moral law.

Page 371: par. 1: diminish

No doubt the State and men of science have done something to dimmish the number of casualties.

Page 453: par. 0: subtlety

Though it might be said that the growing complexity of man’s nature would be likely to lead him into more rather than fewer relationships, yet on the other hand it is obvious that as the depth and subtelty of any attachment that will really hold him increases, so does such attachment become more permanent and durable, and less likely to be realized in a number of persons.


Page 33-59 (Chapter "Laconics of Liberty"): I changed all of these quotations to a blockquote with author right-aligned.

Old Fix Notes (08.01.2013):

New scans of pages: 251, 255, 257, 263, 315, 497, 504


page (67)
Ask of politicans the ends for which laws were originally designed, and they will answer

page (70)
But I demand of this politican, how

page (72)
have felt more confusion, and committed more flagrant acts of tryanny,

page (80)
If we would delineate human nature with a baseness of heart, and hyprocrisy of countenance,

page (93) Missing chapter number "IV."

page (103)
The volume in which justice records her perscriptions is forever increasing, and the world would not contain the books

page (104) (124) (148) (206) (228)
Liberty and the Great Liberterians

page (124)
It is the undertaking to decide that question for others, without allowing them to hear what can be said on the contrafy side.

page (130)
he is either led by authority, or adopts, like the generalty of the world,

page (131)
This dicipline recognizes a knowledge of the enemy’s case as beneficial to the teachers,

page (146)
Your geniune action will explain itself, and will explain your other geniune actions.

page (149)
Walph Raldo Emerson

page (150)
The appearnace of character makes the State unnecessary.

page (158) (Missing ',' after Liberator)
and especially must he be sure to count the cost and act intelligently.—Liberator 1862.

page (163)
Government is the fundamental ism of the soldier, bigot, and priest.

page (171)
but the unremitted repition of one dull unvarying sound would either not command attention or make us run mad.

page (187)
and so the laymen at last learned wisdom and no longer believed in the mediavel “truth.”

page (227)
By assuming an attitude which, if consist-tently maintained, implies a right to ignore the State entirely.

page (237)
The indivualities of the grains of sand which compose the beach,

page (238)
He cannot divest himself of his organic peculiarties of character, any more than he can divest himself of his features.

page (241)
It would, perhaps, be injudicious to conclude this exhibit of the doctrine of the indivudal soveriegnity,

page (242)
sovereignty beyond those limits without trenching upon, and interferring with,
“the soveriegnty of the individual, to be exercised at his own cost.”

page (244)
The oppressed classes do not want charity, but justice, amd with simple justice the necessity for charity will disappear or be reduced to a minimum.
The almshouse and the foundling hospital may be neccessary and laudable charities,

page (249)
the wills of the governor and the governed concur, and blend, and harmoize with each other.

page (255)
I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice, and by religous men who are certain they represent the Divine will

page (262)
The jury must also judge of ths laws of evidence.

page (264)
and that to allow a jury rep-senting the people to invalidate the acts of the government would therefore be arraying the people against themselves.

page (269)
The government iself never acknowledges this right.

page (275)
We have been saved by that spendid thing called independence,

page (308)
2. From the power to monopolize land, which enables them to prevent others from using coal desposits which they will not use themselves.

page (320)
and they not only do not promote the internal well-being of their poeple, but they ruin and corrupt them.

page (325)
but because for their own liberty and welfare are needed services and sacrifices to the diety called Government;

page (341)
It sounds Utopian, but it really rests on severly economic grounds.

page (342) (Missing '.' after cent)
of less than one per cent, not as interest for the use of capital, but as pay for the labor of running the banks.

page (348)
Anarchists, in favoring the abolition of governmet, favor the abolition of invasion, not of protection against invasion.

page (354)
But, if individuals can do so much, what shall be said of the emomous and utterly irresistible power of a large and intelligent minority,

page (366)
who wandered about, offering their adventurous spirit, their arms, and their knowlege of warfare for the protection of populations,

page (376)
Such are the signs which appear even now in our invi-vidualist societies.

page (427) (No period)
LaborOf the means of production there are two classes

page (432)
Eeven if labor were the only source of and the only ingredient in value,

page (435)
cannot even understand how it is possible to work without a master who must be obyed, because he can hire and discharge, pay and punish

page (443)
The modern woman sees plainly enough that no decent advance of her sex is possible until this whole equstion is fairly faced

page (444)
Here in sex, the women’s insticts are, as a rule, so clean, so direct, so well-rooted in the needs of the race, that except for man’s domination they would scarcely have suffered this preversion.

page (445)
compains that nowadays “the notion that women require strength,

page (452)
Nor is it necessary to suppose that pol-gamy in certain countries and races is by any means so degrading or unsuccessful an institution as some folk would have it to be.

page (453)
et on the other hand it is obvious that as the depth and subtelty of any attachment that will really hold him increases,

page (472)
which was written during the last months of his imprison ment.

page (473)
well, nowadays the man of science and the philospher would be considerably amused.

page (495)
He is an invidual annihilated, not disciplined.

page (509)
But Sydicalism has also a directly positive aspect.

Erased page 544 (blank page at the end of the book)

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