Thursday, August 30, 2012

Money: Its Connexion With Rising And Falling By Edwin Cannan

Status: Completed


Original PDF:

On top of the usual, my PDF was cleaned very well with Imagemagick, which cleaned ~1.2 MBs of dust/pixels from the original scans.

The "Appendix Images" version has smaller image sizes, and also has all of the HTML tables in the Appendix replaced with images. This would most likely help if your ereader cannot handle such very large images/tables.

If reading on the PC, I would recommend the usual EPUB version.

Fix Notes:

Page 6: necessary (potential misspelling? In Great Britain in 1918, was it spelled with one s or two s?)

To arrive at agreement it is neces-ary, [...]

Page 47: sovereign

[...] although circulating at par with the coin tends to reduce the value of the coin and raise prices even when that coin is like the English sover-reign before the War, [...]

Page 86: Missing '.' after cent

Their value will be the same as that of the coin into which they are convertible, whether 1 per cent., 50 per cent or 100 per cent. are “ covered, ” [...]


- Changed footnote numbering from per page to per chapter.
- I decided to remove the spacing between the punctuation marks ' ; ' ' : ' ' “ ' ' ” ' ' ? ' in order to look nicer when reflowed.

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