Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back Door To War - The Roosevelt Foreign Policy: 1933-1941 By Charles Callan Tansill

Status: Accepted on Mises (11.06.12)
ISBN-10: 0837179904
ISBN-13: 978-0837179902

Mises.org: https://www.mises.org/document/3130/Back-Door-to-War-The-Roosevelt-Foreign-Policy-19331941
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Fix Notes:

page (22):

In December 1921, General Henry T. Allen sent to Secretary Hughes a complaint that had been filed with the High Commision by a delegation of German workingmen:
page (86):

The result was a diplomatic vctory for China.

page (164):

A new drama that would end on a curtain line announcing Russian domi-ation of the Far East, had opened with an ominous fanfare.

page (256):

The League should be an instrument for internatinal conciliation and not "an international war office.”

page (314):

record vote in his favor and a corresondingly strong springboard for his next international move.

page (462):

He insisited that "first firing positively was by the Chinese.

page (625):

He and Ribbentrop were particulary intimate.


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