Monday, August 13, 2012

Credit Policies of the Federal Reserve By Charles Hardy

Status: Accepted on Mises (08.21.12)

On top of the usual, my PDF was cleaned very well with Imagemagick, which cleaned ~1.2 MBs of dust/pixels from the original scans.

The "Appendix Images" version has smaller image sizes, and also has all of the HTML tables in the Appendix replaced with images. This would most likely help if your ereader cannot handle such very large images/tables.

If reading on the PC, I would recommend the usual EPUB version.

Fix Notes:

page (67)
Changed table from four column to two column table

page (84)

So long as usiness conditions are deemed satisfactory, all major gold movements in either direction must be offset by credit movements.

page (158)

Footnote 13 and 14 do not exist on the bottom of the page

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