Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give Me Liberty by Rose Wilder Lane

Status: Accepted on (03.06.2013)

Thank you to myhumangetsme for requesting this EPUB on the Mises Forums.

eISBN: 978-1-61016-597-6

Fix Notes:

Intro: socialist (Thank you Bill Starr)

This was the first candid, personal account of the changing of an American’s mind, from an uncritical acceptance of solialist-communist—New-Deal philosophy to an understanding of American values.

Page 5: referendum

In the United States, for example, Liberals gained equal suffrage, popular election of nearly all public officials, initiative, refedendum, recall, and the primaries.

Page 5: tyranny:

But now, we confront economic tryanny.

Page 19: Accidental '.' instead of ',' (?)

No employer had stamped them during the past three days. men and women were loaded into the patrol wagon.

Page 22: efficient

If he had let Frenchmen waste and quarrel, and cheat and lose, as Americans were then doing in equally primitive markets, French department stores certainly would not have been made as briskly effi-cent and time-saving as America’s.

Page 25: Appalachians

Nevertheless, before tea went overboard in Boston harbor the lawless settlers had penetrated to the crests and valleys of the Applachians and were scouting into forbidden lands beyond.

Page 27: transfer

How is it possible to tranfer the power of the ruler to each man in this multitude?

Page 32: catastrophes

Each of them, amid the uncertainties, dangers, risks, opportunities and catastrophies of a free society, has been creating his own life and his own status as best he could.

Page 43: percentage

I read also that a hundred years ago 80 per cent of our population owned property and that today the percentge is 23.


  1. Thanks for all of these great new e-books!

    Just put this one on my Droid phone and saw a typo on page 2.

    Looks like "solialist" should be "socialist".

    Regards, Bill Starr
    Columbus, Indiana
    Mon, 28 Jan 2013, 5:26 pm EST

  2. >>Thanks for all of these great new e-books!

    You are very welcome. Thank you for reporting the typo.

  3. Could someone tell me who wrote the Introduction to this digital version? I'd like to quote it in a research paper but do not know to whom I should give credit. Thanks!!

    1. I am not too sure who wrote the Introduction. I believe you would just treat the citation like any other book/article with "no author".