Thursday, January 24, 2013

Confessions of a Capitalist by Sir Ernest Benn

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)

Thank you to myhumangetsme for requesting this EPUB on the Mises Forums.


Fix Notes:

Page 15: discussion

In all this dicussion the business man is silent.

Page 20: community:

[...] agree with the wildest revolutionary that the annihilation of a certain class of money-owner would remove an eyesore and a blemish from the social structure, provided such an operation could be performed without damage to the whole comniunity.

Page 61: installs

But who can say that in ten years' time anybody will be willing to accept and use this particular type of button and put upon it the value which it is calculated to possess at the time when the maker first instals his machinery?

Page 99: therefore publish

I thereforep ublish on pages 100 and 101 three specimens of actual newspaper accounts. I do not ask the reader to waste much time over them.

Page 102: advertisement

These profits arise from the fact that the industry with which the paper is connected discovered that it suits its purpose to make full use of the advertisement pages, although the circulation is small and the editorial expenses almost negligible.

Page 105: Missing italics and period after 'd':

Friday by Friday, to pay 6d for a paper that cost 2s. or 3s.

Page 109: Italics added to the multiple "s." (shillings) inside of the table, to match the rest of the book.

Page 163: approaching

A hundred years ago we had a population of 8,000,000 and probably not more than a score of them with incomes approacing £10,000 a year.

Page 191: elements

The test of competition, the freedom of choice, the checks on extravagance, and the incentives to betterment, which are essential elments of private business, are absent in dealings with a public body.

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