Friday, January 25, 2013

The Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane

Status: Almost Complete (v.4)

Thank you to fegeldolfy for requesting this EPUB on the Mises Forums.


Fix Notes:

Page 249: No idea, but it seems like it is a mistake. I can't find any such a thing as "hyro-compasses" anywhere. Pehraps "hydro-compasses" (?) (UNCHANGED)
Thanks to Jason for mentioning it was most likely "gyro-compasses"

Americans are now creating the power age; they are gathering the power of gravitation that keeps the stars in their places, and transforming it into streams of power flowing through the machines and driving the stream-lined trains and the hyro-compasses and the radio beams, and lighting the cities and the farmers’ barns and toasting the bread for breakfast.


  1. GYROcompass. It's got to be. :)

    (And thanks for epubing my requests, earlier.)

    1. Fantastic, "gyro-compasses" looks to be exactly what that typo was. I will be sure to fix this and have a new version later today.

      >> (And thanks for epubing my requests, earlier.)

      You are very welcome.