Saturday, January 12, 2013

Notes On Democracy by H.L. Mencken

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)

Thanks to commenter "Sergei" on God of the Machine for requesting an EPUB of this book, and also supplying the scan of the original 1926 edition.

I have cleaned up some of the marks/dots from the PDF as well, and now the text backend matches the EPUB. On top of that, the PDF version is smaller (9.29 MB -> 5.05 MB).



Fix Notes:

Page 14: uncomfortable

Confronted by uncom-fortabe facts, it invariably tries to dispose of them by appeals to the highest sentiments of the human heart.

Page 23-24: confined

If Bryan had com-fined himself, in 1896, to the chase of the bugaboo of plutocracy, it is very probable that he would have been elected.

Page 83: accomplished (Changed... potentially spelled with one 'c' in 1926?)

It has substituted adultery for drunkenness as the principal divertissement at political conventions, but it has acomplished little else.

Page 117: common

Our laws are made, in the main, by men who have sold their honour for their jobs, and they are executed by men who put their jobs above justice and comon sense.

Page 203: aristocracy

It lacks all the essential characters of a true aristorcracy: a clean tradition, culture, public spirit, honesty, honour, courage—above all, courage.


  1. Wow ! That is all i can say about how great these look...
    Thank you, again, for the hard work you do in spreading the works of freedom to the world.

    1. Thank you very much for the recommendation to work on this book.

      Please let me know how the book is after reading it, and if any typos are found, please let me know. I will be sure to fix them right away!

  2. Here is 3 pdf(s) of Garet Garrett, another author of the so-called "old right", which unfortunately i could not find in a epub format anywhere on the net.

    Again, we are all much obliged, keep up the hard work you provide in the fight for freedom.

    Do you take donations, if so where can i do so?

    1. I do not take any donations as of now. Perhaps that should be something I should look into for the future.

      Please get in contact with me via email (my username (at), and we may be able to discuss things further.

      Thank you.

      I will be sure to look into these Garet Garrett books. I know that Jeff Tucker is a great fan of Garet, he would probably be pleased to see EPUBs of those books!

  3. Hi - thanks again for your efforts.

    Now also the epub link is dead.
    Mirrors for both the pdf and the epub would be much appreciated.
    ZippyShare is a good place, so far.

    Best regards.

    1. >> Now also the epub link is dead.

      Hmmm.. perhaps it was temporarily down. I just tested the link again, and it worked fine.

      I uploaded a link to the cleaned PDF again.

      >> ZippyShare is a good place, so far.

      Looks like they have a 30-day (or 90-day) expiration. I try to avoid many of these, because I would have to spend too much time reuploading and fixing links.