Friday, January 18, 2013

The People's Pottage by Garet Garrett

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)

Library of Congress Card Number: 53-5405


Fix Notes:

Page 15: American

Worse outwitted were those who kept trying to make sense of the New Deal from the point of view of all that was implicit in the Amercan scheme, charging it therefore with contradiction, fallacy, economic ignorance, and general incompetence to govern.

Page 39: confiscated

In his message to Congress asking for the law that con-ficated the gold the President said:

Page 43: defeated

For example, if the propagandist said, “Down with the Constitution!”—bluntly like that—he would be defeat-el because of the way the Constitution is enshrined in the American conscience.

Page 44: fallen

Values have shrunk to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has follen [...]

Page 45: attacked

But never was it directly atacked or named;

Page 55: would

“Long before Inauguration Day I became convinced that individual effort and local effort and even disjointed Federal effort had failed and of necessity woul fail, and, therefore, that a rounded leadership by the Federal Government had become a necessity both of theory and of fact.”

Page 106: ¢

The amounts settled on were generally arbitrary. One day, for instance, the bedside conference decided on a rise of 21c;

Page 109: guarantee

To the farmers it gave cheap money and credit, a system of price supports the cost of which is met out of the public treasury, and a guaraantee of “parity,” which means that if other prices rise so shall the level of farm prices be raised by more subsidies [...]

Page 133: agencies

This number does not include the independent agenices in their quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative functions.

Page 141: afflict

And certainly never before could people have felt, so helpless about it, as if this were not the harvest of our foreign policy but Jehovah acting through the Russians to affiict us—and nobody else responsible.

Page 145: implicitly

When we cease to scrutinize them, when we appropriate implicity every dollar that is asked of us, then we shall have passed from being a representative democracy into being a militarized nation in which the General Staff makes the decisions.”


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