Sunday, November 11, 2012

Government: An Ideal Concept by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)

This one is not hosted on Mises, but I decided to do it since I did many of the other Leonard E. Read books.


Fix Notes:

Page 1: Left quotation mark is missing a space before it and is the wrong quotation mark.

In Leonard’s words,”What I must not do, the government must not do.”

Page 64: delegates (?) UNCHANGED

These do not exceed the rights of the delegants.

Page 79-80: Shouldn't be in blockquote

Paragraph beginning with "Involuntary Unemployment"


  1. Out of curiosity, do you take requests? There are some books posted that, for the life of me, I can't understand why they've not been epubbed. (Well, I understand with Reisman's Capitalism; talk about a monstrous undertaking!)

    1. Of course I take requests. Let me know of any books you want in EPUB, and I will be sure to move them to the top of my list.

      As of right now, I mostly just pick a bloated PDF and begin converting it to EPUB. A few hundred KB EPUB is vastly superior to a 20+ MB PDF.

    2. OK, cool!

      At some point, getting the Reisman as an epub would be wonderful, but I once owned a physical copy of the book, and... well, it would be nice, but I'm not requesting that officially. :)

      I *would* like to see Isabel Paterson's "The God of the Machine", Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson", and Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" in epub. I believe they're all up in PDF, and they're pretty elementary, I think. The sort of thing you want newbie readers to start with.

      And thanks!

    3. I tend to avoid books which were published recently, and those that are not scans. New books will most likely have the original source documents. I feel like it would waste my time doing something which can easily be done if only I had the sources.

      This is sort of what happened to me with The Privatization of Roads and Highways: PDF only from 5/10/2009-8/23/2011. I created my EPUB and emailed it to Jeff Tucker on 2/16/2011. Hours of my labor was "thrown down the drain".

      Capitalism: Won't Convert. There already is a Kindle version being sold on Amazon. So I assume if Reisman wanted an EPUB sold/on Mises, it would already exist. The PDF version on Mises looks to be super locked down, and is generated from the source. I don't think I would waste my time converting it. Time would be better spent buying the Kindle version for $9.99, stripping the DRM, and working from there. If you would like to purchase it and send it my way, I wouldn't mind creating a much nicer EPUB version from that.

      The God of the Machine: Will Convert. This one looks good, I will add this to my list. Should be up within 3 weeks.

      Economics In One Lesson: There is an HTML version already on FEE's site. They have recently redone their site and it looks to have disappeared. But they do have a DOC version available:

      Here is a Google Cache of it (I saved all the HTML just now just in case, I can have an EPUB up at some future date):

    4. Ahh and I forgot to comment on The Road to Serfdom. doesn't release the PDF of that book for free, so I assume there is some sort of copyright keeping them from doing so.

      It is available in EPUB already on B&N for $9.99, so just like with The Privatization of Roads and Highways, I feel like my time would be wasted.

      I would recommend a purchase from there, and if you want to send it to me for some touching up/typo fixes, I would not mind doing that: