Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vision by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)


Fix Notes:

Page 11: fantastic, fanatic (?) UNCHANGED

The reason, as I see it, that Argentina’s fantasic inflation has not yet destroyed the economy and why productivity is improving, [...]

Page 61: Footnote 3 is missing the book (has publisher, year, and page numbers only). Book is potentially The Road To Serfdom.

Page 67: virtues

Liberty is but the flowering of human ascendancy in virtures and principles.

Page 85: mercantilism (?) UNCHANGED

Their society is but a modem variation on primitive ways of life: serfdom, feudalism, merchantilism and the like.

Page 102: Extra period

It worked like magic.!

Page 118: politicians

They may gain some favors from politicans and others they praise.

Page 130: Isaac

And in one degree or another the same might be said of mortals such as Socrates, Maimonides, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Shakespeare, Spinoza, Issac Newton, Emerson, and Thoreau.

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