Friday, November 2, 2012

To Free Or Freeze by Leonard E. Read

Status: Almost Complete (v.2)


Fix Notes:

Page 27: acquiescence

Compliance means just the opposite: acquiescience or giving in.

Page 29: exchange

Was it unwise for England, following the Napoleonic Wars, to abandon mercantilism by repealing three-fourths of some 18,000 laws restricting production, exhange, and pricing?

Page 34: exchanges

It is no less slavery when an employee or an association of employees denies an employers freedom to associate with whom he chooses or otherwise restricts his exhanges for whom or for what he wishes.

Page 45: Creativity

Cre-activity has selfhood as its source.

Page 52: among

The strong will first subordinate the weak and then contend amoung themselves for territorial mastery.

Page 62: Accidental Left Quote

“Rules are meant for those expected to obey; principles for those expected to think.“

Page 98: distinguished

The late Lecomte du Noüy, a devout Christian and also a dintinguished scientist, deals with this question in his Human Destiny:

Page 128: escaped

Those writers who lie on the watch for novelty can have little hope of greatness; for great things cannot have ex-caped former observation.

Page 138: acknowledgment (?) I changed the spelling, although it may/may not be correct originally.

But let the renowned Dr. Myr-dal make the acknowlegment and we can cite an authority on how Swedish socialism is not working.

Page 148: accidental space (throughout the book there were no spaces around an emdash

Frankly, I do not know. I only know that I will try to rely exclusively on free-market methods of education— consumers’ choice.

Page 152: ethical

Individuals—millions of them—failed constantly to correct their moral and eithical positions as they ventured toward expanding horizons.

Page 164: acquisition (?) UNCHANGED

The acquision of truth, no less than the avoidance of nonsense, demands conscious action.

Page 185: prestigious

Aside from admission to the UN, I have never seen this sentiment better dramatized than in one of America’s most presitigious magazines.

Page 202: Accidental Right Quote

The greatest danger to your world or mine is error for “all error has poison at its heart” and ”so long as truth is absent, error will have free play.”

Page 209: In Index. Röpke is missing 'ö'


The first line of each chapter has a very large text-indent. I tried to emulate it with a 6em to try to stick with the same spirit of the original.

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