Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Property in a Humane Economy by Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Status: One round of QC (05.29.2013)

Based off of ISBN: 0-87548-321-6


Fix Notes:

Page 29: par. 1: Mosaic (right at the beginning of this paragraph, it says "2. The Mosaic Law", and throughout the book it is Mosaic).

This right of ownership is presupposed in the details as well as in the broad outlines of the whole Mosiac legislation and by its application throughout Scripture.

Page 123: par. 3: decidedly

John Locke, for example, defined property with a decidely economic emphasis when he wrote:

Page 130: par. 0: differentiation

Like it or not, governments have asserted their responsibility for monetary affairs, virtually without exception, and without differ-entation as to the type of economic system.

Page 136: There are two footnote 13s.

Page 154: par. 1: Number 2 should be italics.

2. Debasement of coins.

Page 177: Footnote 73 is missing.

Page 199: par. 2: fairly

It is, however, a farily radical position. Perhaps we should look at the variants of ownership-by-claiming first.

Page 231-233: Footnote 6 is missing.

Page 267: Index: "Das Christusproblem: Grundlinien zu einer Sozialtheologie" is accidentally between “Christian Socialism,” and "Cicero, Marcus Tullius,"

Page 271: Index: Under "Labor": sacrifice

as scarifice

Page 277: Index: "Tenant in capite" and "Tenant in demesne" should not be the first in "T", and should be located later in the Index.


Page x+: The Introduction was the only chapter with the subheadings on the left-hand side, I made them in the center to match the rest of the book.

Problem in original PDF:

Metadata title was accidentally "Property in a Human Society"

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