Monday, May 20, 2013

Gold is Money by Hans F. Sennholz

Status: One Round of QC (05.20.2013)


Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-15161
ISBN: 0-8371-7804-5

Fix Notes:

Page right after cover: ECONOMICS


Page 32: bottom par.: the

Friedmanite monetary theorist Leland B. Yeager, who is willing to push thie reductio ad absurdum almost all the way by advocating separate moneys for each region or even locality, draws back finally at the idea of [...]

Page 61: "Author" should be moved down to the next line. All the other chapters have FIRST LAST ----- job, location

Page 71: par. 2: wrong quotation mark (should be right double)

In other words, it is not for some purely “technical“reason that we need convertibility into gold on demand, but because we cannot otherwise trust the issuers, whether banks or politicians, to limit the supply.

Page 83: end of the blockquote: commercial

[...] is a much better means of securing the integrity of the coinage than the use of scales and nitric acid on the part of all who have commerical dealings.19

Page 99: Footnote 15: Articles

ArticIes of Confederation, Article XI.

Page 109: par. 1: Americans

I dug into this subject some years ago because I was unhappy about generalizing from the American experience of 1875-1879 that Amercians know best.

Page 137: par. 1: Mitchell’s

Michell’s claim that greenbacks and other fiat currency caused the fall in real wages has been challenged by Alchian and Kessel.

Page 140: par. 3: government

The nation was wealthy, and the govenment had the power to lay taxes.

Page 160: par. 1: biblically

As a matter of fact, the Puritan and bibilically oriented nature of early America led to a return to weight.

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