Friday, May 3, 2013

Elementary Lessons in Logic by William Stanley Jevons

Status: Digitized Images (05.10.2013)

Cleaned PDF:!poJiFRAR!SItBBCGNkUi2z5NN12vr8w5kpioekNpr-2DLzIJpr2s

This book was requested by the commenter Sergio.

A great thanks goes out to user myhumangetsme from the Mises forums, he spent a lot of time digitizing all of the figures/diagrams in this book. Now we have very high quality PNGs.

Could use a few more very close checks on all of the Greek characters (I tried my best to make all accents as accurate as possible).

Fix Notes:

Based upon this version:

Replaced pages:

199, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212.

using this scan:


Page 70-71: bottom par. - top par.: no negative indent (matching the rest of the book) (Example, see page 110-111)

Page 159: bottom par.: no negative indent

Page 169: par. end of Lesson IX: no negative indent

Page 211: Bottom of page: spectrum

Therefore the lightest metal known is the metal indicated by a spectum of one bright red line.

Page 231: bottom par. (end of page): generally

The geologist again is gene-nerally a simple observer when he investigates the nature and position of rocks.


Page 48: Missing Greek characters in the middle of page.

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