Monday, May 6, 2013

Leviathan in Crisis by Waldo Ralph Browne

Status: One round of QC (05.06.2013)


Based off of the scan here:

I converted to Black and White, and cleaned up many of the markings. I also removed a few pages of front/back matter.

As a side note, the cover is HORRENDOUS quality (I should have just tossed it out and saved a few KBs).

Fix Notes:

Page 171: bottom par.: artificial

This artifical theory of the sovereign State was doomed to failure, for men, even when Hobbes was writing, were all the time denying

Page 215: end of par. 0: menace

Long before the final debacle of Roman society, the end of ancient civilization was forecast in the growing menance of the turbulent lower classes.

Page 219: last par.: campaign

For what a church this new one is—a soulless mechanism to which men look for the redemption of the world and salvation from themselves; its creed the teachings of Rousseau; its priesthood the professional politician; its acolyte the policeman; its offering the income tax; its litany the party compaign; its communion the exercise of the vote; its sacrament the baptism of war; its Heaven business prosperity passed around; its dreaded Hell its own logical end in the dictatorship of the proletariat; and its God the self-idolatry of “the People” as mass!

Page 270: bottom par.: disintegration

Scarcely a century has elapsed before the distintegration of the system is apparent to everyone.

Page 276: par. 0: governments

Except where I broaden the term specifically to include all capitalist-democratic goverments, I shall be using “crisis State” in the more specific sense of the left-wing governments.

Page 319: par. 2: sacrificed

Thousands of lives would be sacrified to confirm the principle of sovereign, independent exclusiveness.

Page 351: The left margin of the page is cut off (many missing letters) (I took educated guesses as to what the words were)

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