Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Can Europe Survive by Hans F. Sennholz

Status: One round of QC (05.22.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 40: par. 2: denounces

Streit denonunces the former “League of Nations” and the present “United Nations” organizations as suffering from the shortcomings inherent in all leagues of government and states.

Page 49: Footnote 23: repetition

To avoid repitition we will confine ourselves to a short theoretical exposition of the problem and some elucidations mainly in the light of contemporary American ideologies and policies.

Pae 65: par. 1: America

A united Europe also, “thanks to its intermediate position between England and Amercia on the one side, and between Russia and East Asia on the other, and thanks also to the tradition and native gifts of its inhabitants, would be both able and fitted to be the cultural center of the world for a long time to come.”

Page 90: par. 0: acquisition

Both methods of socialization—legal acquistion of property and legislative and administrative control over property—are identical in their effects.

Page 151: par. 0: disastrous

[...]came disastrous to humanity and mankind.

Page 185: between tables: similarly

The uses of the French counterpart funds during the five years’ period by the French government are similiarly revealing.

Page 222: near bottom of page: commercial

The commerical bank then transfers the deposit to the central bank which reports it to the Bank for International Settlements.

Page 289: par. 2: misstatement

It is obvious that this is a flagrant mistatement.

Page 297: last par.: government

No business other than this preliminary loan must be negotiated between the government and any bank or institution dependent on the goverment on the one hand and the agency on the other hand.

Page 306: par. 2 sentence 2: entrepreneurial

Businessmen would have to readjust to the new condition. But this is their very entrepreneural function.

Page 311: last par.: significance

The North Atlantic Treaty Pact would lose its present tragic importance and signifiance or be wholly superfluous.

Page 324: Index under "Currency": "stabilzation" -> stabilization


Page 139: par. 1: bilateral (?)

It is an institution whose provisions on the full and automatic settlement of bilaterial balances are based on the “International Monetary Fund Agreement” of July 1944.

Page 322-323: Index: "Coal and Steel Community" continues onto page 323, but there is no (cont.)

Page 325: Index: Equalization, "price" has no page number, perhaps something is missing here?

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