Friday, November 22, 2013

The Moral Case for the Free Market Economy by Tibor R. Machan

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Fix Notes:

Page 2: par. 0: Science changed in "The Limits of Economic Sience"

Page 2: par. 3: course

[...] free will, that human beings have the capacity to choose between alternative courss of action, the idea that they could have chosen to do something different from what they did do.

Page 15: par. 1: subsequent

In Plato’s philosophy and in the philosophies of many subsequen thinkers such a universal idea or definition has a reality that is even more significant than the reality of you and me.

Page 15: bottom par.: significance

What drops out of course, if you take this line seriously—and almost all philosophers are taking it very seriously—is the signficance of your individuality.

Page 24: par. 0: (deleted this mistake)

[...] wholly attached tached to the collective goal of the group.

Page 24: par. 1: Destinies

Personal Destinites: A Philosophy of Ethical Individualism

Page 27: par. 2: statements

I wish now to argue that statments of the type that “Johnny ought to do X” or “Suzie ought not to do Y” are sometimes true.

Page 28: heading: Individual changed in "Invididual Moral Responsibility"

Page 38: par. 0: political

It takes aesthetic, biological, psychological, plitical dimensions to regard these inanimate parts of nature as of value or of dis-value.

Page 39: par. 0: respectively

Clearly, most of us can find evidence of this in our own behavior, when we are prudent or reckless, respecitvely.

Page 64: par. 0: withhold

If, in other words, metaphysics allows a diverse approach for the purpose of scientific investigation, then we can ask, would it not be appropriate to withold imposing a certain methodology, say, in biology, or sociology, or economics, until we [...]

Page 92: bottom par (very end of page): positive

[...] namely, a completely fulfilled life, one with no obstacles, with all problems solved, wholly free (in this postive sense)!

Page 101: bottom par.: one another

What the right to life and to private property—thus the corresponding free market system— make possible is for people to lead very different lives in peace with oneanother.

Page 105: par. 1: permission

The performance of bad deeds will not intrude upon others— that is, no dumping is permitted in such a system, unless permissiong is gained from those who will be burdened by it.

Page 119: par. 0: Earthbound changed in "Erthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics"

Index: Many of the "C" words have commas at the very end after the page numbers.


The typesetting in this PDF is pathetic.

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