Monday, October 7, 2013

The Roots of the Social Security Myth by John Attarian

Status: One Round of QC (10.07.2013)


Fix Notes:

page 27: left column 2nd paragraph from the bottom: enforceable

Young people paying into Social Security, he added, "only have a statutory right" that a future Congress might remove, and "we should not tell them that it is insurance, because in the minds of the average American that is . . . an enforcible policy."148

Page 31: right column, par. 2: committed

Moreover, risk is not transferred to the insurer. Under true insurance, the policyholders' premiums essentially buy claims on the insurer, which is com-mited by contract to make good those claims out of its assets.

Page 48: footnote 268: "SSA Publication" should not be italics

268 Social Security Administration, Social Security: Understanding the Benefits, SSA Publication No. 05-10024, January 1996, p. 4.

Page 54: par. 1: penalties

Moreover, there needs to be more flexibility for withdrawing the money before retirement and fewer penalities for doing so.

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