Monday, October 14, 2013

The Political Economy of Juan de Mariana by John S.J. Laures

Status: One Round of QC (10.14.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 7: par. 0: according

All copies not expurgated were put on the Spanish Index Librorum Prohibitorum et Expurgandorum, and almost all surviving copies have been expurgated acccording to the decrees of 1632 or 1640.

Page 34: par. 0: political

Hence, men would have needed a poltical society, even if they never had lost primitive innocence ; but the State would then have had no coërcive power because there would have been no need of coërcive power.

Page 189: par. 2: terminology

Today we speak of criteria, principles and canons of taxation, although we have not succeeded in establishing uniformity of terminoolgy, much less of opinion.

Page 310: Bibliography, under "Gonzalez de la Calle, P. U": "Ideas politico-morales del P. Juan de Mariana." should be "Ideas político-morales del P. Juan de Mariana"

Page 316: Index: "Duplessis-Mournay" should be "Duplessis-Mornay"


I will remove the very beginning of the EPUB (Title of book + Fordham University Press), and replace it with our Cover.


Page 57: This sentence is in here accidentally.... should I just remove completely?

If the king should unjustly take the property of one of his subjects, a court of law might bound to make restitution, but it cannot compel him to ac-very correctly declare that he has acted unjustly and is cept such a decision.

Page 176: Footnote 2 is at the bottom of the page, but is nowhere in the text... where should it be placed?

(I temporarily placed it after: "This, however, is not a real tax but a payment with reference to an individual benefit.") (This is "footnote 14" in the EPUB).

Page 190: very last sentence of page: brethren (?)

Mariana, we have seen, is more extreme than are his bretheren in religion, who attribute to the king supreme power in so far [...]

Page 297-Page 298: Page 297 ends in a period, and page 298 begins with a no indent + a lowercase letter... should there have been a comma? Or perhaps 298 should start with a capital letter?

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