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The Theory of Social Economy by Gustav Cassel

Status: One Round of QC (07.02.2013)

EPUB: https://mega.co.nz/#!rUQj0QLD!YQLJewxRsIzH_WAAJgclQ0K7Bng5qayWmk_hGlvcXrQ

Fix Notes:

Page right after cover where it lists a few books that were reprinted, it says "Also publshed in"

Page 10: bottom par.: general economic

But, as in any gen eral ec nomic inquiry, we have to assume that [...]

Page 48: par. 0, last sentence: Missing ”

The term “money economy’ must not, therefore, be taken to mean something different from the exchange economy, but as something essentially the same, though with special emphasis on the importance of money in it.

Page 77: par. 1, last sentence: particular

When the normal supply of a commodity is cut off as a result of certain extraordinary events, and its price consequently rises to an unusual level, it is found that even those households which hitherto had never thought of restricting their demand for that patricular commodity must now diminish their consumption of it.

Page 226: par. 1: especially

We have to study this substitution, and expecially the significance of the rate of interest in this connection.

Page 412: par. 2: transfers

A payment by means of a cheque tranfers to the payee a sight claim on a bank for money. The payee may pass on the cheque to some other person, instead of paying it into a bank, but this use of cheques is not the customary procedure.

Page 444: par. 0: near middle of page: phenomena

Confidence cannot be restored; the depression, with its accompanying phenonema of reduced turnover and unemployment, deepens.

Page 452: last par. very last line: Missing period

Rather, the general price-level is one of the factors which determined the actual circulating quantity of money To that extent the quantity theory [...]

Page 493: par. 0 and 1: Two Footnote 1s? (Potential Mistake?)

Page 600: Figure 16 caption: The solid/dashed lines are in parenthesis. Throughout the rest of the book there are no parenthesis surrounding them.

Page 604: par. 2: accidental comma (replace with period)

For the group of articles referred to as “metals,” the index number rose from 123.83 in February, 1906, to a maximum of 163.35 in January, 1907, to fall again to a minimum of 119,31 in July, 1908.

Page 629: Figure 18 caption: The solid/dashed lines are in parenthesis. Throughout the rest of the book there are no parenthesis surrounding them.

Page 650: bottom par.: condition

Clearly, this wrong estimate of the future conditon of the capital market would not lead to such a catastrophe if the individual entrepreneur secured in advance the whole of the capital he needs to carry out his plans.

Page 651: very end of page: point

From the general economic ponit of view there can be no such [...]

Page 675: bottom par.: undoubtedly

But such adjustments are, as a rule, undoubtedy of very little importance.

Page 691: Footnote 1: Royal

From Wholesale and Retail Prices, London, 1903, and the Journal of the Roya Statistical Society.

Page 707+: Index: I removed the "emdash indentation", and replaced them with CSS indentation instead.

These tables had their columns reduced (to make it easier to read on a small device):

Page 691: Table I
Page 693: Table III
Page 695: Table V
Page 696: Table VI
Page 699: Table X
Page 701: Table XII
Page 702: Table XIII

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