Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prosperity Through Competition by Ludwig Erhard

Status: One Round of QC (07.08.2013)

EPUB: https://mega.co.nz/#!PQhREIJa!Q62H81FbtPnmlbilErJ9dyce2bB4NLSg3C2iURecIhE
Mises Link: https://www.mises.org/document/4333/Prosperity-Through-Competition

By the time I was almost complete with the new EPUB of this book, I noticed that Mises already created an EPUB version in 2011. I compared both, fixed up typos, and overall I believe my version is superior (and much smaller filesize (1233 KB -> 592 KB).

Most of the filesize difference was because of their poor bloated "grayscale" JPGs. I created some proper B&W PNGs, which are vastly superior quality, and much smaller filesize.

Fix Notes:

Page 129: par. 2, second sentence: guaranteed

I oppose cartels in principle, since a sound and well-intentioned social market economy—in which the word ‘social’ is consciously stressed—can only be guaranteeed if as a result of competition the superior achievement gains over the inferior, and if through this form of competition what is needed is supplied in the best possible quality and quantity and at the proper price.

Page 220: par. 2, middle of par.: Keynesian

One should, for example, recall Keynsian principles, ‘deficit spending’, the ‘policy of cheap money’, and all that goes with it, to understand that it will be extraordinarily difficult to arrive at acceptable common action and a unified rigorous policy in this sphere.

Page 140: "vis à vis" changed to "vis-à-vis" to match page 235's usage.

If my conception of cartels is interpreted as enmity vis à vis the businessman, I must doubt the seriousness and honesty of such an interpretation.


Page 67-68: Tables: The tables look to have the same headers (years), and the same exact categories. The numbers are slightly different in both tables, but the second should be a continuation of the first.

Page 254: par. 1: "dirigistically"? I did a Google search and it only found 16 hits. I am not too sure if this is the actual word?

A Europe which is dirigistically manipulated will itself paralyse the powers of resistance against the spirit of collectivism and allow the feeling for the benefits of freedom to perish.

Notes chapter was spread throughout the book so that each footnote was at the end of each chapter.


  1. Great to see that you have the donation links up!

    Here is a book which i found on the mises website and isn't in an ePub format. This is a very important and seldom talked about book.

    Henry Hazlitt: The Wisdom of the Stoics

    Thanks so much for all that you do!

    1. I will move it up on the list of PDFs to do.

      I should also tackle his book "The Anatomy of Criticism: A Trialogue".