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A Treatise on Political Economy by Jean-Baptiste Say

Status: One Round of QC (07.24.2013)


I did a lot based off of the OLL version here:

and an PDF (slightly cleaner text, horrible artifacts/markings) + the PDF (less artifacts/markings, poorer text).

Footnote Explanation:

*, †, ‡ are original footnotes -> changed to [1] [2] [3]
(a), (b), (c) are Translator footnotes -> changed to [a] [b] [c]
(1), (2), (3) are American Editor footnotes -> changed to [#1] [#2] [#3]

Fix Notes:

page vii: par. 0: minuteness (?) (was this an old time spelling?)

Aided, however, by the valuable materials collected and arranged by the labours of his distinguished predecessors, here referred to, and proceeding in the same path, our author, with the closeness and minutenes of attention due to this important study, has succeeded in examining under all their aspects, the general facts which the groundwork of the science presents, and by rejecting and excluding the accidental circumstances connected with them, has thus established its ultimate laws or principles.

Page 80: last par.: looking

But, loooking at the substance, indigo, as a mere primary material of a further or secondary product, of blue cloth for instance; we all [...]

Page 176: Footnote: régime

Under the old règime of the canton of Berne, every proprietor of land was required to furnish, in the proper season of the year, so many bushels of cockchafers, in proportion to the extent of his property.

Page 418: par. 0: downfall

But a mistake of this kind in the government, will entail misery upon millions, and possibly end in the national downfal or degradation.

Page 420: par. 1: befall

Such paltry and mischievous expedients can never long defer the hour of calamities, that must sooner or later befal the extravagant and spendthrift governments.

OLL version:

Page xlii: Footnote: des

Witness Turgot’s Reflections sur la formation et la distribution aes richesses, in which he has introduced various views on both these subjects, either entirely erroneous, or very imperfect.

Page 157: Footnote: slower

In Book III., which treats of consumption, it will be seen, that the slowert kinds of unproductive consumption are preferable to the more rapid ones.

Page 183: Footnote: Missing period

Vide the laws dated 7th Jan. and 25th May, 1791, and 20th Sept. 1792 Also the arret of the government, dated 5 Vandemaire, an. ix.

Page 467: par. 2: fortiori

The direct taxation of the productive classes must, à fortìori, affect the consumers of their products, but can never raise the prices of those products so much, as completely to indemnify the producer; because, as I have repeatedly explained, the increased price abridges the demand, and the contraction of the demand reduces the profits of all the productive agency, that has been exerted in the supply.

Page 469: par. 0: unlooked for

But, if any unlooked-for occurrence should happen to lower the demand for his product, he will be glad enough to take the tax upon himself, for the sake of quickening the sale.

Page 487: Footnote: regularly

Economy in the national expenditure is the only thing that can mitigate the pressure of taxation upon the British nation; yet were economy enforced, how is that system of corruption to be upheld, through which the interest of the minister of the day reglarly prevails over that of the nation?

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