Monday, June 3, 2013

The TVA Idea by Dean Russell

Status: One Round of QC (06.03.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 13: I removed the text of Footnote "1" because it does not make sense in the digital version of the book. It states:

"The source of this reference, as well as all other numerical references, is found on page 101ff."


I removed the References section and moved the footnotes to each individual chapter.

Page 15: par. 1: Two footnote 6s

Not counting the normal river channel, 463,000 acres of this land are now submerged below the normal level of the man-made lakes that TVA has created as a part of its flood control program.6 An additional 128,000 acres are held for flooding when the reservoirs are full.6

Page 62: par. 1: Two footnote 49s

In 1934, the federal government was producing less than one-half of one per cent of all the electricity produced in the United States.49 At the end of 1946, the federal government was producing more than twelve per cent.49

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