Saturday, June 8, 2013

Economic Principles by Frank A. Fetter

Status: One Round of QC (06.08.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 67 and 71 both have a footnote 6.

Page 71: Footnote 6 should be a 7 (see Footnote 6 on page 67)

Page 91: last par.: coconut (Is this an old/English spelling?) (UNCHANGED)

Man alone regularly makes use of external objects as indirect agents to get what he wishes—not using merely his own bodily members. Primitive man saw the cocoanut hanging above his head out of reach.

Page 109 and 110 both have a footnote 1.

Page 110: Footnote 1 should be a 2 (See Footnote 1 on page 109)

Page 128: par. 1: likely (Is this an alternate spelling?) (UNCHANGED)

If there are various agents of different degrees of excellence, and only the better grades are being used to meet this particular demand, then an increase in the demand is likly to result not only in a more intensive utilization of the superior agents, but also in the calling of some of the inferior agents into use.

Page 429 footnote 7, the 'a' and 'b' are not superscript.

Page 429: Footnote 7: In the table, the superscript "2"s should be changed to b.

Page 440: Footnote 9 should be a 10 (See Footnote 9 on page 436)

Page 460 Footnote 1, may be missing a period at the end (could be scanning error)

Page 503: par. 1: on

He saw no problem om monopoly anywhere except in connection with land ownership.

Page 511: par. 2: of (Scanning artifact? or actual book typo?)

§ 10. Conflict cf individual and general interests.


I changed the figure description paragraphs for Figure 46 to better match the rest of the book.

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