Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Counter-Revolution of Science by F. A. Hayek

Status: Almost Complete (v.5)


Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 52-8157

Fix Notes:

Page 57: par. 1: Footnote "63" should be 53.

Page 58: par. 1, right before Footnote 54: immediately

Auguste Comte, asserted with respect to them that, as in biology, “the whole of the object is here certainly much better known and more immedately accessible”

Page 79: bottom of page: Not too sure if I got the Greek Letters correct:

ἄνζρωπος ἔστιν ὁ πάντeς ἴδμεν.

Page 94: There is no Footnote 92.

Page 110: par. 0: Missing initial single quote ‘

[...] “Does he know his Greek and Latin authors well?,’ today one asks: ‘Is he good at mathematics? Is he familiar with the achievements of physics, of chemistry, of natural history, in short, of the positive sciences and those of observation?’ ”

Page 115: par. 1: seperate

[...] but with him too this meant no more than that account must be taken of the physiological bases of mental activities, and he always recognized the three seperate parts of the “science de l’homme,” physiology, analysis of ideas, and morals.

Page 117: Chapter does not begin with smallcaps like the rest of the chapters.

Page 125: end of par. 2: influenced

[...] who developed history as a history of the masses and of a struggle of class interests and, in this, profoundly influencced Karl Marx.

Page 129: par. 0: determined

[...] leader and to bring coherence and order into the thoughts thrown out by him, and whose whole intellectual careers were determind by his influence.

Page 135: par. 1: engineering

And yet how obvious it is to us now, even in this first formulation, that it is a delusion; that the idea is based on an extension of the scientific and enigneering technique far beyond the field to which they are appropriate.

Page 136: par. 0: There are two Footnote 156 on the page (second one should be 157)

age 136: bottom par.: There are two Footnote 163 on the page

Page 137: section 4, very bottom of page: ambitious

[...] and two years later (1824) republished by its author under the even more anmbitious title [...]

Page 143: Chapter does not begin with smallcaps like the rest of the chapters.

Page 145: par. 0 Before footnote 209: Missing closing quote

[...] “M. Enfantin found the ideas, M. Bazard formulated them.209

Page 156: Chapter does not begin with smallcaps like the rest of the chapters.

Page 168: Chapter does not begin with smallcaps like the rest of the chapters.

Page 191+: The "Comte and Hegel" chapter, section numbers were included before the paragraph (to match with rest of the book).

Page 203: Section 9: super-mind (Throughout the rest of the book it has the hyphen)

by studying Human Reason, with a capital R, from the outside as it were, as something objectively given and observable as a whole, as it might appear to some supermind.

Page 205: par. 2: nineteenth

It was under the banner of this historicism made in Germany that in the second half of the ninteenth century the great attack on individualist social theory was conducted, [...]

Page 247: Footnote 10: "E. Meyerson" should be "É. Meyerson"

Page 251: Index: "Bouglè, Celestin" should be "Bouglé, Celestin"

Page 253: Index: "Levy-Bruhl, L." should be "Lévy-Bruhl, L."

Page 253: Index: "Meyerson, Emile" should be "Meyerson, Émile"


  1. I found a great book on Elementary Lessons in Logic on
    It's only in PDF. I was wondering if you could work your magic on this masterpiece.

    1. The PDF scan is... horrible (look at all that artifacting around the letters).

      This one was one of the earliest books I tried to EPUB, and I took a look at the old OCR I had sitting around (it was.... horrible). So I will have to start from scratch.

      There are also TONS of greek letters (this will REALLY slow things down), and lots of illustrations/diagrams. I will see what I can do, but I can't guarantee anything. My time might be better spent on other books.

      There are a few other versions on, I will have to take a close look. Maybe one of those scans are a little cleaner, so I will be able to go much more quickly (but still slow).