Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow by Ludwig von Mises

Status: Awaiting Mises (04.20.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 23: par. 1: Comma should be removed

The slave must do what his superior orders him to do, but the free citizen—and this is what freedom means—is in a position to choose his own way of life.,

Page 30: par. 3: Comma should be removed

A similar reputation was held by the staff of General Foch in France. But neither the Germans nor the French—who, under the leadership of General Foch, later defeated the Germans—realized the importance of aviation for military purposes.,

Page 60: end of par. 1: Comma should be removed

He does not see any reason to feel otherwise,.

Page 104: par. 2: Comma should be removed

And they are taught at colleges and universities.,


I added periods to the end of the first (p.17) and third (p. 104) footnotes.

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