Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Instead of Violence by Leonard E. Read

Status: New Cover (06.17.2013)


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Fix Notes:

Page 13: End of par. 1: answers

Even the American theory of government, which has always appealed to me, raises two questions to which, thus far, I have been unable to find anwers:

Page 27: Footnote: "is" and "conducting"

It s not. Imagine 100 people at a church social. Reflect on the total energy expended in walking, talking, gesticulating, conductng the meeting, preparing the meal, and so on.

Page 30: bottom of page: ” needed instead of ’

At best, it is the court of last resort and is not, really, what most persons have in mind when they insist they “want action.’

Page 59: There should be no indentation following the subchapter "On Saving the World"

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