Saturday, March 2, 2013

Psychiatry and Responsibility by Helmut Schoeck

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

The Preface was seriously marked. I cleaned up all of those pages in the PDF (will post at a later date).

Page 19: par. 1: anthropology

“For not only medical science and psychological science and sociological science, but literature, art, anthropolgy, pedagogy, and even popular speech show the influence of Freud’s discoveries and show them in unmistakable terms.”

Page 41: par. 1: religious

No other agency has purged religous conceptions of their gross elements as has science.

Page 189: par. 0: distinguished

Classical liberalism of the Whig type, as distingushed from Rousseau’s perfectionism, is expressly founded on a recognition of the irrational, the cruel, the evil elements in man’s nature.

Page 216: par.2: conditions

Perhaps the greatest handicap for the systematic study of the social conditons conducive to mental health is the very elusiveness of this concept.

Page 228: Footnote 13: Missing period at the end

Page 228: Footnote 19: Seems to be missing the book title, only has the location, publisher, and year.


Should The William Volker Fund Series in the Humane Studies (page right after "cover") be removed?

Blockquotes in Chapters 1, 2, and 4 were indented, changed to no indentation to match the rest of the book.

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