Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mediafire Links Down

My Mediafire account was taken down since ~ March 12th. This (mostly) troll company, LeakID, took down 4 Mises PDF backups that I had. Here is an article on them from Techdirt:

They took down these books, in the name of the company, SEPM, that "owns the rights":


I was in the process of getting this resolved, when my Economics In One Lesson EPUB / backup of the FEE HTML came back to haunt me.

(I now learn that Mediafire has a "three strikes" policy). The Economics In One Lesson EPUB/7z counted as two strikes (from months ago). I never filled those counterclaims on the two Economics In One Lesson (because there is a huge murky area around Economics In One Lesson, and Random House hunts down everyone who tries to put up ebooks (part of the reason why and LFB do not have an EPUB version of the book for sale)). I did not want to give Random House access to my information, and I had no intention of uploading that book again.

These 4 on March 12th put me way over the limit and got my account suspended. I filled out the counterclaims immediately for the 4 above, because I KNOW they are bogus (even though I hate giving this troll company my information, I would prefer to have my Mediafire account back up and running).

The DMCA counterclaim process is up to 10 days, and after 10 days, if the company does not respond, the claims are dropped. I waited 10 days, account was still suspended. I finally decided to contact them again on March 28th (16 days since filing counterclaims).

Due to bad wording, and bad assumptions on my part, I somehow passed some sort of limit on how long Mediafire waits for counterclaims and suspended accounts, and all of the files stored on my Mediafire are deleted.

I have backups in place, and since my account became suspended, I began really pushing for having backups spread to multiple people/places.

It will take me some time to reupload the EPUBs and update all of the links, please let me know if there is anything specific EPUBs you are looking for, and I can fix the links right away. Besides that, it will be quite low priority (I would rather spend time converting more books than to go back to fix 100+ broken links).

I am trying to get my Mediafire account unsuspended (today I did fill out the counterclaim for the damn Economics In One Lesson, pointing out the free versions on FEE), but I will not be using Mediafire exclusively in the future.


  1. I'm trying to find an epub to "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and found myself at your blog. Anyway you can fix the link please? Thank you