Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Compulsory Medical Care and the Welfare State by Melchior Palyi

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)

EPUB: https://mega.co.nz/#!U04QTJKL!IgqpjRou8lO8LU8997JVLgnq5pJLbd4vlI1IjqO2LE0

Fix Notes:

Page 120: par. 2: visiting

Sick children are sent in so as to save the family the trouble of caring for, and the doctor (under the capitation system) of visting, them at home.

Page 131: par. 0: ordinances (?) (UNCHANGED... could be foreign word?)

But the Ministry of Labor has veto power over every move they make and bombards them with circulars, ordin-nances and arretées defining and directing their activities in minute detail.


Footnotes split from References section into the bottom of each chapter.

Instead of a large margin raised cap at the beginning of each chapter, I changed to a dropcap

The subchapters are the floating text boxes. I need to look into ways of perhaps getting these as h3 instead of span (so I can generate them in the TOC using Sigil).

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