Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free Market Economics: A Basic Reader + A Syllabus By Bettina Bien Greaves

Status: Accepted on Mises (04.02.12)

A Basic Reader
    - Original PDF: 41.3 MB
    - My PDF: 13.5 MB
A Syllabus
    - Original PDF: 21.0 MB
    - My PDF: 10.6 MB

After creating a great OCR of the book, and completing the EPUB version, I had submitted my work to be accepted onto  I was emailed back with a request to add a much higher quality front/back cover to the book, and was given the source PDF used as the cover of the book that the Mises Institute published in 2007.  I added in the new cover for both the PDF and EPUB version, and resubmitted it.

The EPUBs were promptly accepted and added onto as the official versions!

A Basic Reader

A Syllabus

Fix Notes:

A Basic Reader

I seem to have lost my Changelog for "A Basic Reader" (although there was not much changed if I remember correctly, maybe one actual error).  And here is my Changelog for "A Syllabus".  There was one actual spelling mistake, and in the EPUB version I did one swap to make it fit more in line with the rest of the book:

Changes to the PDF Version

    - Added chapter #s
    - Fixed the tree structure
        - A nice amount of the bookmarks were out of order
    - Added a few missing bookmarks

A Syllabus

Page 135 (129 acutal)

- important thing is the ancitipated prospects of
    - changed to anticipated


Page 176
- There is a list of short quotes in the format of author + quote.  I decided to swap the positioning to quote + authors (right justified).

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