Friday, March 16, 2012

An Economic Review of The Patent System By Fritz Machlup

Status: Near Finalization (v.999)

The original PDF had many scanning artifacts, and was bloated (24.8 MB). My PDF version has a (nearly perfect) OCR, and the images were manually cleaned. Here are some comparison shots:

Page 33:

Page 36:

Page 75:

Page 78:

My PDF also comes in at 5.15 MB.

Fix Notes: PDF Page (Actual Page):

page 30 (25):
but the absence of references to the heated controvery of 1850-73 seems to indicate that they were not familiar with this literature
  • Changed to "controversy"


PDF: Dead Link (If you are interested, please leave a comment)


  1. The epub is down.

    1. I just reuploaded the file, thank you for letting me know it was down.

      I believe the EPUB + my PDF were officially accepted onto