Friday, February 3, 2012

From Bretton Woods To World Inflation By Henry Hazlitt

Status: Near Finalization (v.99)
ASIN: B00268XIF8

The original PDF was extremely bloated at 48.79 MB. My PDF version has a better OCR, and I touched up a lot of the actual images to get rid of artifacts from the scanning process (cleaner look). It comes in at a whopping 2.47 MB (~5% the file size), and the EPUB comes in at a nice 185 KB.

Things That Need To Be Done:
  • Need to find a high quality cover
  • Might need to touch up tiny spacing/CSS issues to make it look nicer


page 62
  • 2 quotation marks were reversed

page 136
mispelled "unnecessarily"
  • "The Bank, apart from its unncessarily large subscribed capital"

page 178
mispelled "responsibility"
  • "But, given a return of political responsiblity and courage,"



Original PDF:

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